Company Ludia Inc. released a new game on the theme of dinosaurs, mobile simulator Jurassic World Alive is available for free download. Jurassic Park Builder, this is the previous game from this developer on the theme of dinosaurs, it was downloaded by tens of millions of users. This indicates a qualitative approach to creating games and now you will collect dinosaurs that have escaped from Jurassic Park. Many players use Jurassic World Alive hack to quickly get a collection of dinosaurs, because the game is free only conditionally. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of passing and getting resources in the game.

Description of the game

A colorful simulator with already loved characters, the game takes place on the island of Nublar. Dinosaurs wander throughout the territory, you are included in the group of defenders of dinosaurs and will save them from extinction. In the game you have large areas to explore, the drone will help you in finding animals. Jurassic World Alive for Android has several modes, where you can be interesting to spend a lot of time.

Dinosaurs wander everywhere, use the extra reality to see the character in front of him and catch him. You have to find the strongest and most famous individuals, there are also new species in the game. Using DNA tests and incubators, you will be able to bring out new, stronger species. Additional reality allows you to see the dinosaur in front of you in real time, this increases the attractiveness of this game.

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PvP mode

In online mode, you can interact with other players, meet in the arenas and fight in real time. The presence of hybrids and powerful dinosaurs gives a significant advantage. In the game are available 7 arenas and 100 kinds of pets, meet any enemies and win in the arena. Jurassic World Alive mod is free, but there are game purchases without which it’s hard to do. Energy and money for improvement are constantly coming to an end.

Each dinosaur will have unique characteristics that you can develop with the help of earned coins. Battles in real time pass dynamically and the victory will depend completely on you. Choose a favorite and win strong opponents, you can spend the earned money for new research. Create a shock group and defeat the strongest opponents.

Graphics and gameplay

Graphics games from developers Ludia Inc. is always at the highest level. The cards are somewhat like the Pokemon Go, on them you can track down new species with the help of drones and remotely collect DNA. To do this you will need dexterity and precision of actions. Management in the game is simple, after completing the first tasks you will be able to train your skills. Hacked Jurassic World Alive gives access to unlimited energy and money, use them to create the most powerful and rare kind.

High detailing of objects and simple control will make it convenient to track down dinosaurs and take DNA samples. Further use of them in the incubator will allow to unlock the dinosaurs of a new species and assemble a complete collection.

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Hack Jurassic World Alive:

For victories in the arena you will need strong dinosaurs, get them without money and energy of impossibility. Supplies on the map are limited, so you have to spend real money, or long to collect for purchase. Modern technology allows you to use cheat codes for Android, iOS and get sets of game currency from the game store.

Hack Jurassic World Alive for Android and iOS:

  • 15 000 Cash – OESMNZ2B
  • 250,000 Coins – GCBILD28
  • VIP – Full Membership – PY9YPRY6
  • Utahraptor Rare Incubator – VOSUGM3F
  • T-Rex Epic Incubato – ADW2MENC

Using cheats Jurassic World Alive, you can compete in the PvP arena with the strongest and quickly unlock rare species of dinosaurs. These tricks will help to get more pleasure from the game. Follow the instructions and share your achievements in the comments.


  1. this is a fun game i like this jurassic world alive games so i will try the code for it to see if it works
    because it will be fun if it works

  2. jurassic world alive it is by far my most enjoyable game i have played i have a few level 12,15,19 11 and i have almost all dinosaurs but a few hybrids since i have not unlocked all of them also i have about at lest 10000 coin and abut 6 dino dollars

  3. It’s my favourite game ever, but it’s difficult to get dinosaurs.

    Thanks for the codes, I want the T-Rex Epic Incubato.

  4. Very useful hack, for those who do not want to spend money on the game. Thank you very much, these are cool codes!


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