Kitten Gun mod

Meet a new arcade called Kitten Gun game from Playgendary. This is a fun game where you will use cats as a core. Shoot the kitten from the cannon, this is a new way to move your pet. Check how far you can throw it. Attempts unlimited, and the ability of pets can be updated. Collect coins and get diamonds for new achievements. Consequently, Hacked Kitten Gun for money will allow you to freely spend money and unlock dozens of unique kittens.

Fantastic Opportunities

Imagine that your cat likes to fly and put it in a cannon. In the game Kitten Gun on Android, he really enjoys flying. Try to run your cat as far as possible, fly high and far, collecting coins and boosters. Consequently, the game has endless gameplay, as in the games Tank Stars and Flip the Gun, you can enjoy the endless gameplay.

Kitten Gun cheat

Collect a whole collection of pussies, choose your favorite pet. In the game, you can develop skills, update his abilities and do more. As a result, by setting new distance records, the game will reward you with additional coins. Unblock new characters and use their skills to complete quests. In addition, you will fully control the flight using booster and extra features.

Game process

Begin the game you will with the choice of the angle of the gun, you need to shoot as high and far. As a result, to make a good choice, you need to click on the screen at the right time. After selecting the angle, you need to create the maximum acceleration. Kitten Gun mod has dozens of pets, each of them has special skills. In addition, they will allow you to stay longer in the air. An accurate shot, this is the key to successfully passing the level.

Kitten Gun codes

But do not rush to give up, every time in the air are birds and additional opportunities. Control your kitten in birds, bonuses and get combos. Double the rewards and get a lot of money Kitten Gun. Upon completion of the level, you will receive rewards, coins can be used to upgrade skills. As a result, diamonds are needed to unlock new, unique pets for use. Choose your favorite character and repeat the gameplay an infinite number of times to break the record of friends.


Cartoon graphics, funny characters and bright elements. All cats in the game are unique, they have their own look and abilities. Watch funny comedians when they encounter birds and other obstacles. As a result, the game is colorful and has a floating animation. Kitten Gun codes give the opportunity to open all the characters and choose a favorite. The game is designed to give a good mood. In addition, It will be interesting to both adults and children.

Use the kitten’s skills to get more coins. Using the cheat codes you can double the rewards and unlock the paid sets. To play becomes more interesting, each character, this is a new style. Make their skills as strong as possible to set a new record.

Kitten Gun hack

Upgrade your abilities and perform daily missions. Consequently, with the help of tricks, everyone can get a lot of money on the account for free. Follow the instructions to learn how to enter Cheats for Android, iOS devices.

Hack Kitten Gun cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Diamond membership (1 week) – O-frqwy0f9
  • No advertising – A-rg92qgr
  • Stack of coins – G-g92q8wfg
  • Diamond membership (1 year, diamonds each money) – E-ht9qwah
  • Receive X2 amount of reward – Q-ghh30w9ehg


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