Knights of Fury hack

Meet a new game from the company King, Knights of Fury. Free RPG on your phones with a unique experience, characters and capabilities. First of all you need to create your own knight, to participate in battles. Meet bosses and various monsters on your way, earn experience destroying them. Hacked Knights of Fury gives an opportunity to get additional gold, rubies and valuable items. Therefore, the game will be much more interesting and dynamic with the use of codes.

Endless battles

Because of the popularity of the RPG genre, developer Candy Crush and other puzzles release their game. Since the team has a unique experience in creating games, this time they also got a masterpiece. Knights of Fury for Android, this is a colorful role-playing game with dozens of unique characters, the sequential passage of tasks. Fight, earning experience and develop the skills of your hero.

Knights of Fury cheat

In addition to the main character’s powers, you can use assistants. Since each one has a unique experience and access to hundreds of items, it can create a unique character. And since the most valuable items and weapons cost a lot of money, you will need to perform microtransactions in order to obtain maximum power. In the process of passing the initial tests you will learn how to control the hero, use his skills and skills during the battle.

Game process

According to the plot of the game, you as a knight, you have to fight monsters in order to stop chaos. Knights of Fury mod has a wide variety of heroes, weapons and opponents. But each of them has a certain level and fighting qualities. Using weapons and equipment, strike with a simple tap on the screen. The amount of damage dealt directly depends on the power of your hero and the amount of equipment you retrieve.

Knights of Fury codes

Because of the great competition in the game, you will need epic gear to stay alive. You can get it in battles with powerful bosses, or buy for rubies, through the game store. Cheats Knights of Fury for money, this is an opportunity to free unlock equipment and quickly raise your level. The ancient order requires strength to be restored and only you can do it. Traveling to different locations and meeting with the enemy will decide the further life of the world of Astellan.

Graphics and sounds

Beautiful role-playing game has a bright graphics with a very attractive design. All colors are alive and very saturated, and the animation from the blows are varied. Attractive models of knights and enemies, clear models of different ammunition and equipment. Download Knights of Fury mod, this is an opportunity to unlock the most valuable weapons and become a favorite in the battle. Since you have a meeting with huge bosses, be prepared to use all your skills and abilities to inflict critical damage.

Knights of Fury mod

The consistent increase in the complexity of rivals will allow to develop and always be the winner. Tests temper your character and you can challenge a stronger opponent. Download the game Knights of Fury for free for Android, iOS. Here you will get a unique battle experience and opportunities for implementing RPG skills. The game has vertical graphics and simple controls, so you can play anywhere if you have free time. Using cheat codes, everyone can create a unique knight using gold and gems. Also, try the game Tap Cats: Battle Arena.

Knights of Fury hack for Android and iOS:

• 50 000 gold – Qs_lsi65mz4
• 6,000 gems – PO_1of78HQzu


  1. Best game so far 2018. I have been playing this game non stop and still haven’t finished the game. The story line is the best. Guys, its just great hack! Thanks so much for working hack for me and my friends!!!

  2. My favorite game this year. Easily the most original. I love it! I was very lucky to know this site. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for the codes guys! Keep the great work!

  3. This game is my fav. I love the graphics!
    Thank you for the hack. I want to unlock all elite weapons and 20k gems. Please…And thanks again.

  4. I love how this game work like the graphics,movement,skill and the attack. I like the npc cuz the clothes look cool and like ancient medieval.


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