Kung Fury: Street Rage hack

Developers, inspired by the world famous film Kung Fury. Decided to release a game very similar to the plot of this movie. In hacked Kung Fury: Street Rage you control a hero who masterfully mastered the art of kung fu. His fighting ability helps him lead an angry struggle against the hated Nazis who want to get rid of him as soon as possible.

The game will transfer you to a few decades ago, so that you can completely penetrate this technique of fighting. You and your hero have to wage a bloody war with Hitler and his supporters, blond girls and terrible monsters. The character very effectively gets to perform various tricks and very powerful blows, which help him in the battle against rivals standing in his way. Also, you can download Kung Fury: Street Rage mod apk.

Kung Fury: Street Rage cheat


The graphics of the game are pixelated, so you will certainly remember your first video games, released in the 70-80’s, and cheats Kung Fury: Street Rage is no worse than them. This you can understand almost immediately, once you run the application. The soundtrack also resembles the first released games, and it fits perfectly into the story, you can even hear the soundtrack from the movie. Use cheats Kung Fury: Street Rage to unlock all items.

When you destroy your enemies with mastery strikes, you will be credited with combo points and bonuses. In the game you will be surrounded on both sides by enemies: Nazis, various freaks and even Vikings, but you should not retreat, because your master of kung fu is much stronger than them! In the game you have three lives, the gameplay will end exactly the moment they disappear.

Kung Fury: Street Rage codes

Secrets and Tips:

Basically, all opponents can be killed with just one blow. But the further you advance in the rounds, the harder they turn out to be. A little later, robots should appear, the killing of which will have to be spent more time and effort. The atmosphere of the game tightens and resembles a courtyard fray. Because in the background there are houses and cars, barrels, and the action itself takes place in a dark and uncomfortable lane. Also, you can try new hacked game Tiny Gladiators 2 for free.

Every time after your defeat, a high score table will be displayed, so you will always have the incentive to play this game – to score even more points. Once your hero was killed, you will need to start from the very beginning. In order to win in this application, you will need an instant reaction and very good care, because opponents can come unpredictably from completely different sides. Below you can download hacked Kung Fury with cheats.

Kung Fury: Street Rage mod

Hack Kung Fury: Street Rage Cheat codes, free, Android and iOS:

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Kung Fury: Street Rage is an action packed action based on the rustling of the short film of the same name. The plot is similar to the original: the player will control a kung fu fighter who fights the Nazis. With the help of various colorful strokes and combos it is necessary to destroy the enemies one by one. During the passage you can improve the characteristics of your hero. The game will please with pixel graphics and voice acting, which are sent straight to the 90s. All this will appeal not only to hardened geeks, but also to ordinary users.


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