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Land Sliders – fun and addictive arcade game with endless gameplay for android. The game features a large number of different characters, for which you can play. Here you will see a refrigerator, a lion, a panda, a wolf, a fairy, an astronaut and many other heroes. In total there are more than 50 cartoon characters in the game. The game involves an endless gameplay. Choosing a hero, one of three, you go to travel through the fairy-tale world of the game. Moving forward, collect coins, for which you can then unlock other characters.Use hacked Land Sliders for Android and iOS, and other hacked game, like a World Conqueror 3Combat Assault.

In addition to coins on each level individually for each character there are necessary items that he must select. But just wander through the locations you will not be able to, constantly you will be surrounded by various obstacles and dangers. So you have to run away from the bulls and snow avalanches, avoid meeting with prickly cacti, watch out so as not to fall into the abyss or drown in the swamp and much more. Also with the enemies you can fight, using improvised means, namely the same cacti, marshes and abysses luring them there. Download Land Sliders mod apk and use cheats.

Land Sliders mod

Secrets and Tips:

To complete the level, you need to collect all the items or find a red button that teleports you to a new location. At some levels, you need to find a special key, without which you simply can not go any further. Passing level by level, your character will improve his experience. In addition to the basic levels in the game, you can perform minor missions. The game Land Sliders beautiful and colorful graphics.

The picture looks angular and executed in a cubic-pixel graphic, which brings a twist to this game. Locations in the game are pleased with their diversity and uniqueness. The musical accompaniment really hinders and after a few minutes of the game, you most likely turn off the sound. Also in the game quite a lot of built-in purchases, so be vigilant, accidentally not pressing the wrong button and not accepting the purchase agreement.


Management in the game is simple and intuitive. You can either control the character, or the space around your hero with the help of svaypov. The game is translated into Russian, but the quality of translation is far from perfect. Below you can always download hacked Land Sliders where there will be a lot of money and everything is unlocked.

Land Sliders cheat

Land Sliders mod – unpretentious, but fascinating arcade, in which you need to manage a variety of geruses, to collect coins and other items in different locations. The game has 50 characters, and they will all be looking for usefulness on picturesque maps, putting out bonfires and running away from monsters. Management here is simple, but it will take some time to get used to it. With the help of gestures, the player will guide the hero so that he does not break into the abyss and collect all available items at the level. The game received excellent graphics, simple gameplay that will appeal to most users.

Cheat codes Land Sliders Hack, Android and iOS:

  • Use free Character Case – Hc-309wfc
  • Gold Pack Offer – Jk-283cud
  • Unlock All for free – Hv-819dgu


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