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Lara Croft migrated to mobile devices in the game Lara Croft GO a game on Android. Game levels represent some space consisting of squares. Each square is fraught with a mystery. Toli is a sawn-off stove, or an evil spider, or maybe you’ll meet with a circular saw. In addition, at each location you need to find a way to another level.

And all this has to be done with the help of a fragile, but smart girl. It’s very simple after moving to the next cage, hostile spiders and snakes also make their move, and they attack that cage to which they face. Therefore, before making a move you must think through and the opponent’s move.

Lara Croft GO mod

In addition, the spiders are chasing you, if suddenly you pass from them at a distance no more than one empty cage. At the level of a lot of hidden levers, running which you can open a secret door, or cut the path to the pursuers, failing in the cave cell, thereby cutting off and your way to return. In addition, Lara always carries revolvers with her, but you can attack the reptiles only from behind or from the side.

Secrets and Tips:

So count your strength and watch your opponent. The developers have suggested in the game Lara Croft GO more than 100 amazing and diverse puzzles-locations that will bring many exciting minutes for their decision. On locations in hidden crevices or behind a cumbersome boulder, you will also be waiting for pleasant surprises in the form of a golden urn, opening which, you will acquire for your beautiful part of the ancient outfit.

Lara Croft GO cheat

Having collected all the pieces, you will get a unique outfit, which will obviously appeal to her. Also, during all the surveys on the levels, look for and collect the special keys necessary to open the multi-level door. The whole gameplay you will be in suspense and search, and believe me, for solving all the problems you will need a lot of time. Cartoon graphics in the game Lara Croft GO is far from ideal, but the picture is drawn clearly and without blurry lines.


The salamanders and spiders look awful, although they move smoothly, the developers still work on animation. Landscapes are not of the highest class, but they please the eye. The accompanying music fits perfectly into the gameplay, and control does not distract you from the gameplay by its simplicity. A wonderful puzzle with the legendary Lara Croft is waiting for admirers! Below you can download the hacked Lara Croft GO, in which everything will be open. Also, you can use free hacked games and Magic River.

Lara Croft GO codes

Lara Croft GO is a multiplatform strategy with puzzle elements about the legendary Tomb Raider Lara Croft. Throughout the adventure, the player along with the main character will study the ruins of ancient civilizations, search for artifacts and fight with various enemies. The gameplay is step-by-step, so the user will have to think through each of his actions in order to successfully complete the level. In addition, the game can boast of stylish graphics and an exciting soundtrack.

Cheats and Hack Lara Croft GO, Android and iOS for free:

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