The LEGO UNLIMITED game will allow you to move to the LEGO world and take part in adventures. Classic experience, and also unusual adventures await everyone who jumps the game. It is available for Android, iOS platforms and will soon be released with the official release for the whole world. Extensive experience of battles, heroic characters and trials. Hacked LEGO UNLIMITED will only expand your experience and allow you to unlock the paid features of the game and additional features. Following the prompts in our article, you can get additional resources and opportunities.

About the game

Since this adventure takes place in the world of LEGO, the graphics of the game is fully consistent. LEGO UNLIMITED for Android allows you to build your own castle, as well as to fight in different locations. To become a master, you need to constantly practice and have a large supply of blocks. Since you are waiting for a meeting with many enemies, you need to have a weapon and have the skills to fight. One of the important features of the game is the ability to change the world.


Hundreds of different blocks and objects give greater freedom to gamers. To always be in the top, you need to have special skills and rare items. Since everyone can build their own world, it can also open doors to it. Your friends can be your family in the game. You can also visit the worlds of others and explore new, unexplored places. To always be in the top you can use tips and bonus codes.

Game process

First of all, it is a simulator and it is full of freedoms and interesting quests. Download LEGO UNLIMITED mod is unlimited blocks and features. The only way you can become a master of construction. If we talk about the possibilities of the game, then in it you can fight with dragons and plant chrysanthemums. Therefore, everyone will be able to find their own, favorite activities and direction for development.

First you need to get acquainted with the management and deal with it will be quite simple. On the left is the move joystick, on the right are possible actions. Also displays the number of blocks in stock. To build your house, you will need huge reserves of resources.


Become a living legend with your own castle. By adjusting the characteristics of your own world, you can set the rules for guests of your card. LEGO UNLIMITED cheat codes will allow you to create a map with a rich infrastructure and. Passing the game may seem more interesting if you do it with friends. Unite and perform joint tasks. First of all, it is a great pastime. In addition, it will speed up your passage.

Graphics and sounds

The graphics of the game will delight you with highly detailed items and capabilities. Each player has the right to choose the settings of the world, so the game will cause a maximum of emotions. Since this is a LEGO world, in it all the blocks are part of the constructor. Rare blocks and items cost money, you can get them by showing dexterity and achieved significant performance. Free LEGO UNLIMITED can play everyone, the codes work on Android, iOS platforms and give an unforgettable experience. Also, we recommend you to try new hacked games Parking Reloaded 3DPower Painter and other.


As for advertising, it can also be disabled. Since the game will be interesting to gamers of different ages, each world will be different. This sandbox is sure to gather millions of users around the fascinating world. To take a worthy place in the game, LEGO UNLIMITED cheats will give you more freedoms and opportunities. While some of the tricks are available, in the future you will be able to get additional benefits. Bookmark the site and follow the news and updates cheat codes.

LEGO UNLIMITED hack, Android and iOS:

  • Unlock all blocks – PKY3_CADV9F
  • Unlimited blocks to use (open blocks only) – 9G08_IERZM8
  • Disable advertising in the game – YPL9_CGT7OY
  • Immortality Mode – JJ4F_IRIX66


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