Little Big City is a game that allows you to model and build your own city. It quickly became popular among players from all over the world, despite well-known competitors in this genre, like Virtual City Playground, Dream City: Metropolis, the game was able to collect tens of millions of users. Here you can create a city in your own style, develop it and expand the territory. Hacked Little Big City is available to the player for free using bonus codes, anyone can receive sets of coins and cash for free. But first let’s get acquainted with the game itself.

About the game

Little Big City for Android released the famous company Gameloft, which all games have a unique style, beautiful graphics and a large number of functions. The game is not available for the iOS operating system, although there were promises and many expected the game to be released for this platform. Tens of millions of downloads received the game, gamers from around the world spoke well of the game, if not to take into account bad reviews about the amount of donate.

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Game process

In the game you can feel like a measure of the city, which took the responsibility to build a rich and large city. Starting the game you will be with a little investment. Little Big City mod gives you a small plot of land and the tasks that you need to accomplish. By completing the initial tasks you go through training. Get the first money to build new buildings and raise the levels of existing ones. In the game you will build not only houses, shopping centers, but also develop infrastructure. For people to come to the city they need housing and work, develop technology, build trading platforms. Do not forget about entertainment, build a cinema and a stadium, so that the inhabitants of your city could spend interesting time.

Playing the game is very fun, Little Big City a lot of money in the game gives you the freedom of purchases. Also it allows you to play while having fun. In addition to the main gameplay in the game there are mini games. They are interesting and will allow you to spend an interesting time and test your skills. Only a rich city attracts new residents and has resources for further development. Earn a lot of money to expand the territory and unlock new buildings.

The game is distributed free of charge. But the company Gameloft is famous not only for the quality of applications, but also for the amount of donate. Using cheats Little Big City, you can get a lot of money on the account and buy any items in the game. Raise your level quickly. Get test kits and use them in the original version of the game from Google Play.

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Small big city hacking has a colorful design and bright graphics. The image of houses, cars and roads are very interesting and have a high level of detail. A very lively game will immerse yourself in the gameplay and enjoy a casual interesting adventure. This is one of the features of the game, the second one can be considered an interesting system for the development of the city.

If you like urban games, then you should try this game. Your city will have a unique style and incredible features. Using cheat codes in the game, everyone can get a lot of money and enjoy a free game.

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