Madness Cubed Blitz, this is a new action game from the creators of Kubezumiye. Now you can play your favorite shooter on your mobile. So, the game has several modes and hundreds of items for purchase. Battle and earn experience and titles, unlock powerful weapons. In addition, the game is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and is available for downloading for Android, iOS. Cheats Madness Cubed Blitz for coins and a lot of money work on all platforms. Learn to use tricks in the instructions, but for now let’s get acquainted with the game.

About the game

The game has several interesting modes for survival and graphics like Minecraft. Consequently, download Madness Cubed Blitz mod for Android, you get an exciting shooter, you can play only with the Internet connected. In cooperative mode, you can unite with other players and destroy zombies. As a result, in battles 5 to 5, you will be able to fight teams with other players. So, there is also a survival mode, where 10 players and each is fighting for himself.

Madness Cubed Blitz hack

The game is perfectly optimized for mobile and will take up little space. Using the codes you can quickly unlock all the gear and try out a powerful weapon. Each player can create a unique image in the game. Hundreds of things for customization are available for purchase through the game store. Consequently, Coins play an important role in the formation of the player, they can be bought for real money, or use the codes Madness Cubed Blitz.


The game is very similar to the Kubezumie in which millions of users play. The game has retained all the functions of the PC version of the game, you can fight in online mode. For the game are available 20 cards and dozens of weapons. Control by touch joystick and automatic fire will quickly aim and destroy the enemy. Madness Cubed Blitz mod for a lot of money will unlock all the features for you for free.

The game can be run on any device, maps and graphics do not take a lot of resources. Everyone can experience the game on his mobile and enjoy the dynamic gameplay. Destroy the zombies and other players, collect donuts and get extra points. For each fight you will receive a reward in the form of coins and will be able to upgrade the character, acquire new weapons and change the appearance.

Graphics and sounds

The game is made in the familiar style of the developers nobodyshot. Consequently, this allows you to run the game on the simplest devices and enjoy the dynamics. In order for the game to not hang, you need a fast connection to the network.

Madness Cubed Blitz cheats

Hacked Madness Cubed Blitz gives the player the opportunity to get a lot of money and unlock powerful weapons. Sounds help you navigate in space and hear the approach of enemies. Run the game to feel adrenaline from the surrounding danger. As a result, 20 huge maps are available for study, each of them has advantageous positions and hidden places.


The game has flexible settings for managing functions. In them you can turn on or off auto-shooting. Optimization settings allow you to select the desired configuration for easy game play. Even on the weakest devices you can experience dynamic gameplay. With the help of coins you can unlock dozens of weapons and choose your favorite. In addition, follow the advice and get more pleasure from the game.

Madness Cubed Blitz hack for Android and iOS

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