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Magic River – another free creation from the developers of the studio Ketchapp android. In the new game, you’ll have to raft on a fast-flowing mountain river in a simple boat. Throughout the descent you will avoid colliding with numerous rocks and stones sticking out from under the water. Neither what plot, how and why you got here, you just need to raft on the river and the further, the better. Use free hacked Magic River for all devices.


When descending along the river, do not forget to collect water lilies, because inside them are hidden so much crystals you need. The collected crystals will directly affect your rating points and will allow you to take a higher place in the rating table among players around the world. You can download Magic River mod apk for free and fast.

Magic River cheat

Also, you can open a new character for the crystals, and their game is quite a rich choice. Some characters will be available to you after the completion of simple missions that are basically the same in the game. The complexity of the game will increase gradually due to the appearance of an increasing number of rocks and rocks, as well as by increasing the speed of the river. Also, try new cheats Magic River for unlimited cash.

Secrets and Tips:

Therefore, you will need a really high response to what is happening on the screen, as well as the speed of your fingers for a timely turn-off from the obstacle. The longer and further you swim, the higher your rating. The graphics in the game Magic River, as well as in almost many games of this studio is not ideal. And why there are cool graphical bells and whistles, because in the game everything is quite simple.

Magic River codes

Even game locations. To be exact, the landscapes that sweep past you, practically do not differ from each other throughout the game. Plus, there’s a lot of dynamics and a small amount of space on the built-in media. In addition, the game will go without delay on most even weak devices. We rocommend to try new hacked game: Monster Fishing Legends for free.

By simple times in different parts of the screen in the game Magic River you guide the boat in the direction you need, avoiding a collision with another obstacle. Therefore, with this task you can manage on an intuitive level, and you will not have to be distracted by management. And so, your motto for the game is longer and as far as possible !!!

Magic River mod

Cheat codes and Hack Magic River, Android and iOS for free:

  • Remove Ads – Uc-3h209f
  • Double Score – Pl-2d62wdg

Traditionally every week Ketchapp studio makes us happy with new timekillers. The new game is called Magic River. In it you control a boat on a river with a fast current. You can only control the turn left or right. You will have to constantly anticipate the right moment to fit in the gap between the stones, otherwise everything will start all over again.


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