MARVEL Battle Lines, this is a new game from the company Nexon, in it you will be able to collect cards from participating in online battles. First of all, this is a card game, here you will see your favorite heroes from the Marvel series and will be able to use their skills in online battles. Since the most famous ones cost a lot of money, the player has to make game purchases, or to search the network for hack MARVEL Battle Lines.

Gold coins and precious stones are needed not only for opening cards, but also for their improvement. Therefore, you need a reliable source of game currency, so the codes will help you get the most out of the game. In this article you will find all the secrets and tips for passing, without violating the rules.

Marvel Universe for Android, iOS

Because the game is in testing mode, only the elite can experience the gameplay. Some lucky enough to get not only access to testing, but also the ability to use codes. MARVEL Battle Lines on Android has an opportunity inside the gaming shopping, and using secrets you will be able to unlock the maps and plunge into the thick of the events of the “Miracle” universe. One of the important features of the game is the combination of villains and superheroes into one team, under the auspices of saving the world from chaos.

MARVEL Battle Lines cheat

First of all, you need to assemble a team of heroes to restore the universe. The game has hundreds of game cards with the most famous and new characters. Use the skills of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Loki, Venom, Captain America, Doctor Strange and other popular characters in the team. Their skills you can use in several modes, developing their skills and raising the level. Of course access to the legendary cards is closed, you can get them with great luck, or by spending a lot of money MARVEL Battle Lines.

Gameplay and features

Since the game belongs to the genre of card games, here you will see a simple and intuitive interface. First of all, in the game you will be busy collecting cards, you need to send the maximum amount of energy. Favorite heroes and villains can be opened by performing single tasks of the company and raising their level. But since the company is trying to maximize the monetization of the Marvel series, the simplest way is to purchase. MARVEL Battle Lines gems and gold in the game is sold in sets in the game store, but using the codes you can replenish the account for free.

The next stage in the game will be placing the cards on the field. Since there are 12 heroes in your deck, you need to place them on a 3×4 grid. Therefore, you need to place the characters in such a way as to create the most powerful lines and combinations of characters. This is the strategic component of the game and the correct combination will destroy the stronger enemy.

MARVEL Battle Lines codes


But apart from the career mode, you can fight real players in PvP mode. MARVEL Battle Lines mod has several modes, each of which requires special skills and abilities. In addition, you can get acquainted with the original story of each character from the very creator of Alex Irwin. Unlock characters and paid features will help promo codes. Games from MARVEL are always the most colorful and interesting.

Graphics and sounds

Because of the great popularity of the Marvel series, the developer is serious about the creation issue. The graphics in the game have a comic style, all the characters look fresh and have a high level of detail. Since the game is available as many as 100 cards of superheroes and famous villains. Everyone can assemble a team of favorite characters. Because of the large number of heroes, everyone can create a unique combination.

Download the game MARVEL Battle Lines will be in 2018, following the news you will be able to participate in the testing and get additional gold. But with cheat codes, everyone can use the testing mode and replenish the account with unlimited resources.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

Collectible and legendary cards in the game can be opened with the help of crystals. Premium currency will allow you to play without microtransactions, while receiving virtual currency sets. MARVEL Battle Lines cheats, this is a great opportunity to gain an advantage. Therefore, you can experiment with a variety of decks and use additional game features.

Getting acquainted with the plot is just as interesting as how to participate in battles. Because you need the skills to collect teams, you have to create your own strategy to raise the level. The codes of MARVEL Battle Lines work for Android, iOS devices. Some differences in their input can be seen in the instructions. Bright graphics and simple controls will plunge into the process of collecting cards in a matter of minutes.

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