Mini DAYZ – you will find yourself in the world after the apocalypse. Zombies roam around you, who can kill you at any moment. You need to be careful to survive. Try to return to the world the old form, building it up, improving and populating life. First explore the map to find food and not die of hunger. Go to another action, if this is your favorite kind of games, you will not regret for sure, this is Sky Force Reloaded. In addition, you can download Mini DAYZ mod apk.

On your way there will be a huge number of items that you can use to improve your life. There are many dangers around you, such as wolves that are just waiting to be eaten or just infected. And the most important is that you need to hide from rain and snow, because you can just freeze. You need to constantly monitor the level of food and water so as not to miss the moment when it will be too late to decide something. You need a lot of resources to play and develop. With Mini DAYZ cheats on life and money, the problem will be solved once and for all.

Mini DAYZ mod

Interesting features and facts about the game:

  • Many tasks in the game, which are drawn by hand.
  • You can not only create and grow objects, but also constantly improve them.
  • To become a true master you need resources.
  • You can explore the world around you day and night, just look so you don’t freeze in the snow or rain.
  • Use the prey to not die of hunger, because in the game you do not have many lives.
  • If you meet infected creatures, then try to destroy them or just run away from them.

Hacked Mini DAYZ for Android and iOS, will allow you to become even stronger in the game. After all, now all the purchases and improvements you will make as much as you want. Just an unlimited amount of money and lives will be with you. Since the codes can be used many times. First of all, no longer need mods or other downloads. And all that was previously demanded from you, namely personal data or real money, is also no longer necessary. If you still something is not clear, then you can see the details on the site.

Mini DAYZ cheat

Mini DAYZ – Survival Game – a game in which the user tries to survive in a hostile post-apocalyptic world. This project is a mobile adaptation of the famous DAYZ, which has won the hearts of many players around the world. Here you also have to explore the location in search of food, weapons, ammunition and useful resources. More gamers need to monitor the vital signs of the character and try to build a safe haven. The project has fashionable pixel graphics and interesting gameplay.


Mini DAYZ – Survival Game – a great game with elements of horror and action invites you to take part in difficult survival. Not so long ago in the world there was a nuclear war, incinerating a large part of humanity and turning the planet into ruins. Cities are destroyed, water is contaminated, and tribes of cannibals, marauders, and eerie mutants roam the wastelands. Take part in adventure adventures, demonstrating high rates of survival in difficult conditions.

Mini DAYZ codes

Travel the vast world, exploring its features and getting to know your own capabilities. Search in locations for useful items, resources, food and water. First of all, try to find or make yourself a weapon and means of protection. Do not forget to follow the level of thirst, hunger and energy of your main character, otherwise his song will be sung. Meet other survivors, but go on contact carefully, because among other characters you may come across not very friendly individuals. Build a reliable base and supply it with defense structures. Look for supplies, grow a garden, create new items and mechanisms.

Mini DAYZ codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 500 000 money in the game – MDw2xv46
  • To get 5,000 lives in the game, use the code, for free – MD7yr654

At the same time, you must constantly monitor the insidious weather, because in these parts you can get cold. Fight with mutants, huge wolves and other evil spirits, earning yourself coins and experience points. Earned currency will help to pump the various characteristics of the main character and provide him with a number of useful items. It is also worth noting that the locations are generated randomly, and in the event of your death, you will fall into a new unique world. The visual shell of the game Mini DAYZ – Survival Game is made in a quality cubic design with excellent drawing and spectacular special effects.


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