Monster Legends is a long journey in which you will not have an ordinary mission. Namely, you have to tame the most diverse animals that can only exist in a magical world. It will not only be real beasts, but monsters, which will be harder to tame, but still possible. Remember that if you have already tamed some animal, then only you are responsible for it. To all fans of action games, you just need to try to play Left to Survive.

Secrets and Tips:

You can download Monster Legends mod apk for free. First of all, all animals need a house. Build it and then you can start learning the pet. Feed them, play and train, so that they become obedient. With each new level your pets will become stronger and then they can be released into the arena of battles. Many different opponents are waiting to enter the ring in the hope of winning. So the preparation must be at the highest levels.

Monster Legends mod

The graphics are very colorful, but the management is simple, so you will not have any questions in this. You need a lot of resources for all the improvements and training. And in order not to spend real money to replenish them, you will need our Monster Legends cheats for money, jewelry and food. And now you can not worry about whose monster will be stronger, because you will have all the improvements. Also, try hacked free gameĀ The Tribez: Build a Village.


  • More than 400 unique monsters that can be tamed.
  • The ability to cross animals to obtain even the strongest types of monsters.
  • The opportunity to participate in tournaments on time.
  • There are many treasures and awards that need to be collected.
  • Constant pumping is not only monsters, but the game itself.
  • Team up with your friends and win prizes.

Monster Legends cheat

Hack Monster Legends on Android and IOS, will allow you to improve the game to the maximum. Since you will have a huge amount of jewelry and money to buy. And also eating to improve the game. You can forget about downloading mods. This will not be necessary anymore, as will the additional settings. The safety of your device is above all and we can guarantee this. Complete protection from unnecessary purchases. Codes can be entered many times and all the time for free. And if you do not know how to do it, click on the link and browse the details.


Cheat codes Monster Legends – this is an interesting game that mixed in itself the elements of a town-planning simulator and role-playing game. Here you will have to build your kingdom and populate it with a wide variety of monsters. The game takes place in the territory of a large kingdom, which is on the verge of extinction. You act as the supreme magician, who must transfer all the inhabitants of the kingdom to a new place. And during the transfer of people there was some kind of failure, which turned them into fairy-tale monsters, each of which has special abilities and original appearance.

Monster Legends codes

You will defend yourself against constant raids. Any monster has unique dimensions and refers to a certain element. You must develop your monsters, create new ones and participate in step-by-step battles with your enemies, trying to do without losses. Hacked Monster Legends is very colorful and bright, you can even see the smallest details of characters and locations. Stunning animation and quality sound will not let you get bored in your own dream world.

Cheats and Hack Monster Legends for Android and iOS:

  • To get 550 000 money in the game, using the codes, use – MLvdfw43
  • On 55 000 crystals, with the help of cheats, for free – ML9iu87r
  • 5 500 meals in the game, using the codes – MLtyfg67

How to use Monster Legends cheats:

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  1. Its one of my most favorite games of all time. I am level 47 with 152 gems, This great guys. Really work. Thanks so much. You all should try this.


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