Love puzzles, but tired of sweet and tasty 3 in a row? Monster Mansion Blast, this is a novelty for Android in which developers have combined the genre of puzzles and monsters. Since in the game you can create your own haunted house, there is a motivation to go through complex and interesting tasks. Get acquainted with the gameplay on the first levels and go on a gloomy journey with monsters. Hacked Monster Mansion Blast for gold and coins is an easy way to get a lot of money in the game. Let’s get closer to this unique puzzle.

Collect monsters

The first and main features of the game is the ability to collect monsters. No sweets that cause appetite, or colorful crystals. Download Monster Mansion Blast for Android has dozens of interesting levels to collect monsters. Collect items 3 in a row and more and get experience points and boosters. Many explosions, additional features and various levels are available in the game for free.

Monster Mansion Blast hack

For money in the game you can quickly unlock levels, use rockets, bombs without restrictions. Because this simplifies the game and gives an advantage, so it allows you to score more points and set a record. This advantage has donators, but using cheat codes, everyone can quickly equip their mansion. If you are a fan of this genre, then this is a new breath from the developer of Round Zero, which brought a number of features.

Game process

Monster Mansion Blast mod does not differ much from similar games, if you do not consider the picture itself and the characters. An important feature is the ability to build your own castle casts and equip it. You can spend the coins to buy new interior items, jewelry and toll items. Also in the game you can participate in tournaments and fight with friends.

Monster Mansion Blast cheat

Because the game is free, there are purchases and advertising. It’s a little distracting, and advertisements are sometimes boring. Using the codes, all the shortcomings can be smoothened. Blast a huge number of blocks, watch the amount of progress. Saved moves increase the number of points received, which guarantees the best result. Money Monster Mansion Blast cheat codes will needed for you to build your own mansion.

Graphics and sounds

The picture and heroes allow the game to stand out from the total mass of puzzles. Despite this, you can play it for children from 8 years old. The graphics create a Halloween effect, a background and elements in the form of a pumpkin. She is friendly enough, and you can collect monsters in your mansion. Playing for free you will face limitations, cheats Monster Mansion Blast will give freedom and the opportunity to win in tournaments. This will bring valuable rewards and additional opportunities.

Monster Mansion Blast codes

Yowie the Yeti are very friendly, their fans know this. They will help you collect new material for the mansion and get magic items. Unlock new characters, items and explore a wonderful world with a lot of interesting tasks. Compete and collect valuable prizes. This exciting adventure becomes even more interesting with the codes.

Monster Mansion Blast hack for Android and iOS:

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