Monsters with Attitude hack

Participate in multiplayer battles in the new game Monsters with Attitude. This action is a battle of a variety of monsters on the planet. Destroy everything and destroy other players. First of all you need to pay attention to your size. Use improvised means and drive players into a trap to get extra points. Hacked Monsters with Attitude, it’s rubies and coins on the account. Using bonus codes, everyone can unlock monsters and use boosters. This article contains cheat codes for free purchases.

Game Review

A fun action game based on the example of, in it you will devour each other and grow. DOwnloading Monsters with Attitude mod gives additional opportunities in the form of new monsters, additional boosters and valuable items. According to the plot, you accidentally fell to the ground, but instead of research you were captured by the game. Who is more? Each battle lasts 3 minutes, during this time you need to score the maximum number of points, destroy the maximum of buildings and gobble up opponents.

Be prepared for tough competition, standing still will not work. Thanks to intergalactic trips you can visit different planets. Despite the similarity of ideas, the game is unique and gives an unforgettable experience. Destroy the trees, buildings and try to trap the enemy less. In addition to basic skills, anyone can use accelerations, or additional boosters. Also, you can use new cheats Monsters with Attitude for free.

Monsters with Attitude mod

Game process

First you need to choose a monster and his assistants. The first battles you will not have a choice, but Monsters with Attitude on Android has dozens of bright and unique characters. For each battle, the player gains experience and the ability to open the chest. In addition to resources, there you can find maps of new monsters. Since each of the monsters has advantages and disadvantages, you need to correctly use his skills. Collect the collection with rubies and choose your favorite character.

Be prepared for tough competition, each combatant has its own color. On the indicators at the top of the screen, you can track the positions of each opponent. The game has vertical graphics, with the help of svaypov you will choose the direction and attack. You can download other hacked games. For example: Ski Safari 2 and Pacific Rim.

Monsters with Attitude money will increase the level of the character and get additional bonuses. In addition, boosters are scattered on the map. You can use nuclear bombs, balloons, shields and accelerators. The presence of a powerful booster will allow you to attack the biggest monster on the map. And if you are the biggest, be preparing for the attacks of other players. As in agar, the larger your size, the lower the speed. As the size grows, your strategy should change.

Graphics and sounds

Thanks to the beautiful 3D graphics, the game quickly attracts attention. Bright characters, funny pets, a round planet and 8 monsters on it. Action game will please dozens of cards with unique characters, each of which has strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the bright cards and effects, the game gives a unique experience. Cheat codes Monsters with Attitude for money, this is an excellent opportunity to collect a complete collection of cards.

Monsters with Attitude cheat

Be ready for the adventure and turn the planet into a playground. Every fight in the arena is an opportunity to earn extra experience and raise the level. Collect the team and update their abilities. A booster will give you a significant advantage. But to get them, you’ll need luck and skill quickly crafting.

Rubies Monsters with Attitude play an important role and will allow you to unlock the paid cards. Be prepared for an adventure, get a lot of money, this will increase the chances of becoming the first in every fight. These tricks work on Android, iOS platform. Follow the prompts and enjoy a free game.

Cheat codes Monsters with Attitude hack, Android and iOS:

  • 100,000 coins – MwA_ @ SAOKZ17K
  • 15 000 rubies – MwA_ @ 7YXTVLGU
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