Playing hacked Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, the user decides who will participate in the race, part with the athlete or renew the contract, what salary to pay developers and managers. The game provides for upgrades to buildings. After the restructuring, the number of jobs in the firm increases. At the first level, no more than ten employees are accepted into the staff, on the second – twenty.

Christian West has created 8 levels of upgrade, therefore, a maximum of eighty professionals can work for the player. The more regular units, the faster the technique is modernized. With the arrival of a new chief engineer, the car is updated automatically. The workshop employs the School of Young Talents, which is also directed by the player. The best graduates get the right to participate in races. If the newcomer is kept for a long time on the bench, he can leave, having warned the authorities about this. You can download Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 mod apk, like in the game Grepolis for free.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 mod

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 racers use three types of tires:

  • soft;
  • Stiff;
  • for the wet track.

Use free Cheats Motorsport Manager Mobile 2. The soft tire serves one and a half times longer than a solid one. Since the track dries quickly after the rain, intermediate tires are almost not in demand. Game actions are close to reality due to the dynamically changing weather. The forecasts are as accurate as possible. Another interesting feature in Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the interview. Questions ask a gamer. The content of the responses depends on the attitude of the riders, sponsors and fans to the player. To please all project participants, organizers and spectators of competitions, think over your thoughts before giving an answer. Come on Google Play, download the game and win!

Secrets and Tips:

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 hack – the famous sports manager got a sequel and became even more exciting. There are almost no analogues to this simulator, all aspects in this industry are perfectly taken into account and realized here, the details on the tracks, the modernization of the cars and much more are well thought out. It should be said that despite the original gameplay, the graphics in the project are kept at a decent level, which further drags the player into the sports world.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 cheat


Your task in the game will be the creation and management of a whole team of racing drivers. As you become a manager, you have many problems on your shoulders that need to be resolved clearly and in time. You have to quickly learn to understand the system of the car, know what, where and when to twist, what manipulations must be done to increase the car’s power and whether there will be from this undesirable consequences. Do not forget that the whole team requires detailed instructions and help, so only one preparatory part takes quite a lot of the gameplay. Cheat codes Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 for Android and iOS will help you to unlok all items in the game.

Hack Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 for Android, iOS:

  • Huge Investment – YpM61z5vk*392
  • In Game Editor Bundle – omyvLaWd1*271
  • Chairman’s Payment – mmgT4TILk*028
  • Game Editor – hVxOAGYDB*741
  • Very Large Investment – 4R8pcA1Zp*194
  • Large Investment – zcHzGrQpb*039
  • Investment – gigUO86MV*371

In addition to repairs, upgrades and other important things, you will also be a participant in the races. Racers constantly need help, you have to change tires, fill the car in time, monitor the condition of the whole system. If you miss something, even a trifle, it can cost not only the victory, but the life of a member of your team, so take decisions with extreme caution. In principle, in order to become a real owner of a team of first-class riders, you need the hacked Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 for Android & iOS and just come up with your strategy and enjoy the process. Use the cheat codes following the instructions.



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