Moy 3 is a popular game about Tamagotchi. This time you are invited to take an unusual pet – an alien. Moe is funny and inquisitive. He is all interested and he is ready all day to explore the world around him. And he’s as playful as a kitten, and will play with you in a variety of games.

Having installed hacked Moy 3 on tablets or phones with an android platform, you will get an unusual pet, for which you must take care every day. This is a big responsibility, because Moe needs food, daily hygiene and entertainment. Without all this, he withers and dies. Therefore, take care of the pet as a pet – feed it, lay it down, buy furniture and other interior items, walk with it and play.

Moy 3 mod

In the application, the hacked game Moy 3 cheats with cheat on a lot of money, installed many mini-games on logic, reaction speed, and various arcades. Playing them, you will provide the pet with energy and money, so you can buy everything you need, and even more. Also try the game Drift Street 2018 for free.


  • Moe has his pets – fish, so you have to take care of them;
  • The possibility of creating an interior and clothing tamagochi to your liking;
  • Mini-games, travel and search for gifts;
  • Ability to talk with the pet and find out what he wants;
  • Communicate with other fans of the application in social networks.

Moy 3 codes

Download Moy 3 mod is a virtual pet. Just recently, the kids kept tamagochi in their pockets, and today a mobile device has taken its place, allowing you to have a friend that you can take care of at any time. In the third part of the game about a jelly creature, unknown to science, but loved by millions of children, the same principle of tamagochi. Downloading and installing the simulator, the player gets at his disposal a cute pet, unlike any living thing on Earth. Perhaps it is in its dissimilarity that such popularity lies?

Secrets and Tips:

The list of your duties is very pleasant, as the process of caring and feeding is expressed in a playful form. You must feed your pet with tasty and healthy food. For this, the kitchen is equipped with all kinds of units in the simulator. Also, the pet needs to be entertained by playing mini-games to drive him on a visit and for walks. To buy clothes and furnish his modest house.

Moy 3 free

Hack Moy 3 for endless money will solve all financial problems of the pet. After all, the player will have the opportunity to buy anything for his pet. Cheats Moy 3 for money will make from Mau a ballerina, a bearded pirate, a dandy, and a rock musician. Plastic, made from jelly Moe can turn into anyone.

Money in the game is earned with the help of mini-games and when caring for a pet. In addition to “jelly” owner Moy 3 will have to take care of pets. After all, the pet in turn keeps fish in its aquarium.

Moy 3 cheat

It should be noted, in your love for virtual pets you are not alone. And you have the opportunity to communicate with other fans of the application in social networks, as well as share their achievements and photos of the pet and his house.

Cheat codes for Hack Moy 3, Android and iOS for free:

  • Unlock any 5 Items in the game for free – Hc-fhr3092t
  • Get + 348 000 Cash – Ca-h3w9w3itf
  • No Ads – Rv-3w9f8


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