A new arcade from the company Crazy Labs by TabTale, it’s simple, fun and endless gameplay. In the game Mr. Kicker you will be the ball and the further it reaches, the more points and money you get. The game recalls the recent development of the company Voodoo called Soccer Kick. In this article, we’ll look at the differences, opportunities and features of this game. Also you will find codes for hacking Mr. Kicker on both Android and iOS devices.

Beat the ball

To become the king of football in this game, you need to beat as far as possible. The ball can fly hundreds of thousands of meters, and for the distance traveled you will receive rewards. Mod Mr. Kicker for Android has a skill development system, the money you will receive will be spent on improving the abilities of the hero. Gradual development, or double experience. For money, a player can double the resources received and speed up the passage.

Mr. Kicker hack

The game is suitable for adults and children, here you can have fun. You can play anywhere without access to the network. Beat as hard as you can, use boosters and special skills to set a new record. Sharing achievements in social networks you can compete with friends. The game has the most simple gameplay, bright graphics and dozens of balls. As a result, to become a star, you need to set a new record.

How to set a record

To strike was most effective, you need to beat when the arrow is in the middle. Once in the central band, the ball will roll even after falling and beating against the ground. Most of the obstacles are scattered around. Mr. Kicker mod has dozens of soccer balls and 4 skills that you can improve. In addition, the game has a lot of advertising, which will distract from the main gameplay.

Money is needed to increase the level of skills, it will increase the height, speed and duration of the impact. Double money Mr. Kicker, this is a great way to get a lot of coins into the account faster. Using this code, you can increase the level and develop skills faster. Start from weak blows and after a couple of hours, beat on tens of thousands of meters. Rewards will increase with the distance traveled.


The game is very bright, has clear and understandable elements. Download Kicker can free everyone on their device, it will take just over 50MB. Simplicity does not hurt to play it for hours, to start over at first is simple. Each time the indicator from the top will show your current achievements and a record. From here you can go to the menu and adjust the ball. With the help of coins, you can unlock additional balls and diversify the gameplay.

Mr. Kicker cheat

The football theme is very relevant this year and if you like simple arcades, then this is a great way to spend time with interest. Become a football star, unlock the balls. Each purchase and improvement increases your chances of a new record. This is very simple, the main thing is accuracy. As a result, Cheats give access to unlimited resources and game capabilities. Get even more enjoyment from the gameplay and share secrets with friends.

Mr. Kicker hack for Android and iOS:

• 100 000 money for free, code – N-fh9832f
• Disable ads in the game – S-f309fhfx
• Receive twice as much money – P-fj329fhi


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