My Dino hack

In the game My Dino you will be able to hunt dinosaurs on real streets. Collect a unique collection of characters in the new game on Android, iOS. You can download mod games for free with Google Play, promotional codes will help restore energy, get extra money in the game and unlock strong dinosaurs. First of all, you need to collect the most diverse collection. Hacked My Dino, this is an opportunity to save a lot of time and money on purchases. Play without stopping and restrictions, follow the prompts, follow the tips in the article to gain an advantage.

About the game

For the first time you could hunt with a snap to the real location in the game Pokemon GO. Cheats My Dino for Android has a lot of similarities, but the game has a number of important updates. In addition to using AR technology, here you can also find virtual pets in the vastness of your city. It’s enough to start the game and point the camera at the right place. With the help of the navigator you can navigate in space and track new characters.

My Dino cheat

To catch a dinosaur, it must be stunned with the help of a slingshot. Accurate roll, this is the key to successful hunting, mysterious dinosaurs are scattered on the map in a chaotic order. Dozens of unique characters, each of them can evolve. To improve the pet, you need to collect a certain number of dinosaurs of the same species. Since each of them has unique characteristics and requirements, it is necessary to study their needs. Also, try new populah hacked game Final Fantasy Awakening for free.

Game process

Technology AR allows you to combine the real world with virtual additions. So, walking along the street you can hunt for virtual heroes. Downloading My Dino mod, this is an opportunity to improve your abilities, get extra coins and precious stones. Use your phone to hunt for colorful dinosaurs. In addition, you can use the collected pets in strategic battles with real players. Challenge your friends in real time and train dinosaurs.

My Dino mod

The game gives a unique experience, combining several genres into one. In it you can become a dinosaur coach, as well as use their skills in strategic battles. Meet the enemy face to face, use pets as the main weapon in battles. My Dino money is given the opportunity to play without limits, catch big dinosaurs and quickly raise the level. Develop your own strategy and defeat powerful enemies, receiving valuable rewards.

Graphics and sounds

Since the game combines two realities, it’s very important to have a good schedule. This development has a vivid picture, characters with high detail, smooth animation and a wide variety of characters. In addition, it is very interesting to observe the evolution of each pet. And with the help of the search for eggs, you can get rare species in the collection. My Dino cheats, this is the bonus codes by which anyone can get the game currency on the account.

My Dino codes

Every fight, this is an opportunity to gain experience and raise the level. And every exit to the street, this is a bright adventure in search of new species and dinosaurs. Together with the game you can hunt dinosaurs around your house. First of all, this is the motivation to walk and visit new places, but you can do it without real travel. The game gives extensive experience of playing in different genres. Collect rare dinosaurs to surprise rivals in the arena.

Codes My Dino on gems, this is an opportunity to unlock rare creatures. Collect eggs, buy rare species, grow and grow. Build a strategy and fight in PvP mode. Follow the instructions to get a lot of money on the Android platform, iOS for free.

My Dino Hack, Android and iOS for free:

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