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Improved game My Talking Tom 2, the sequel of the famous series. My Talking TomMy Talking Angela and other. collected half a billion fans on different platforms, this is one of the most popular games. Download mod is available for free on Android, available for iOS version. The game is free, but it has built-in purchases. With the update of the game, new opportunities, items and additional games have come. Hacked My Talking Tom 2 is needed for those players who want to get a lot of money for purchases for free. In the article you will find an overview of the new game, its description and new features. Also new cheat codes for coins and extra features.

Game Review

For many years the game is one of the most popular in the world. Developers Outfit7 Limited have worked on improvements and released the game My Talking Tom 2 on Android, iOS. Still, it’s a free, casual game with a bright and famous kitten. Tom this time has improved graphics, more fun games, opportunities and subjects. The developers did not change the gameplay, but made it even more fun and interesting. This development is interesting for adults and children alike.

My Talking Tom 2 mod

First of all, it is Tamagotchi. In the game you get a pet and have to look after it, develop, learn and play. If you leave game notifications turned on, then Tom will remind himself of himself. The game has become a classic, in it everyone can have a mobile friend with whom you can play and find adventures. By tradition, you will start with a small kitten and be able to grow and develop together. The new version of the game added new items, mini games, food.

Therefore, the game became even more interesting and realistic. Thanks to new technologies, developers have introduced more detailed and vivid graphics. Also, mini games and hundreds of new items were added. My Talking Tom 2 requires a lot of money to buy things, because their number has increased significantly. In addition to personal things, you can equip the house, buy furniture and decorations in the wardrobe.
Thanks to social networks, you can quickly share updates. Show your friends new things, achievements and communicate with them.

My Talking Tom 2 free

Game process

Because the game is more of an update than a full release of the new version. All the controls and gameplay survived. All the same vertical graphics and simple controls by clicking on the screen. Thus, you can take the volume on your hands, throw it, put it on the toilet and move between the locations. Download My Talking Tom 2 mod, it’s unlimited possibilities and free purchases.

And they will be needed here, because the cost of purchases has increased significantly. Having a lot of money you can buy your own aircraft. Yes, yes, it’s the plane. First of all, this is the ability to move between different locations in the game. New worlds, these are additional opportunities, amazing things, new food. Also new pets are available in the game, they will help to diversify the game. Thanks to a wide variety of mini-games, everyone can have fun in the game. My Talking Tom 2 codes for coins, this is an opportunity to fly into new worlds and unlock levels. An interesting adventure for adults and children has many mini-tasks.

My Talking Tom 2 codes

Graphics, free pets

In the new version of the game, five additional characters are available. Improved 3D graphics allowed to increase the detail, the characters became more realistic. Also new emotions and opportunities were added. First of all, you pay attention to the improved graphics, it is really brighter. Animation and effects are amazing quality, but the size of the game has decreased. My Talking Tom 2 cheats will allow you to quickly master the game and unlock all the fun.

In addition to the ability to communicate with the pet and take care of it, you can additionally play toys. Ride on a swing, throw a basketball, jump on a trampoline and perform other tricks. Do not overdo it, because Tom can get a wound if he gets tired, and you continue to play. At any time you can restore its energy, delicious and healthy food always raises the mood. My Talking Tom 2 coins give free shopping.

My Talking Tom 2 cheat

An important feature of the game is the ability to play with friends. Now mini games have a multi-user mode, and in the game you can play other games with friends. Real fans of the game will appreciate all the updates, and cheat codes will help to disable purchases and advertisements. This will make the game even more interesting and enjoyable for passing. Promotional codes work on Android, iOS platforms, follow the prompts and get a lot of money on the account.

Cheats My Talking Tom 2 Hack, Android and iOS:

  • 45 000 coins for free (code for a lot of money, you can enter several times) – GIP3-UKJE-MOSE
  • Disable ads – 0SQD-ZDA1-XQ36
  • Adult Tom (re-enter to become a child) – O4JI-RVRM-OKZQ



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