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If you are a gamer, you, of course, can not ignore projects from Gameloft. This is a very famous game developer with a lot of blockbusters. NOVA Legacy game, this FPS shooter combined with great 3D graphics that gives players a new and extensive experience. But the game will not go on every phone, because the quality requires a mobile great functionality.
Therefore, the developers released a new version of the game, which only takes 50 MB, but gives an unforgettable experience of the battle. Many players are trying to find – NOVA Legacy mod is a lot of money to freely play, develop and buy all the items in the game. The game is really free on Android, iOS, but it’s hard to play without gaming purchases. Also, use free hack Star Skater.

N.O.V.A. Legacy hack

Description of the game

After downloading the game you will find yourself in the role of the main character Kal Wardin. This is an officer who resigned, but he was unexpectedly summoned to perform a super complex operation. It is equipped with a special armor to combat aliens, invaders of the Earth. You need to defeat them and protect the earth from destruction.

In the game you will gradually discover a mysterious story, fighting and defeating an alien scum. NOVA Legacy is not just history, it’s a campaign and events that attract a vast history. You will participate in online battles with 6 other players. Since the game was significantly reduced, the number of weapons was also cut back.

In addition, you can not change the playback speed or control. It also makes many gamers unsatisfied, but since the game has a modest size, we can not require too much of it. In turn, almost all players can enjoy the game easily on their mobile. Despite the small size in the game NOVA Legacy has beautiful graphics, lots of perfect armor and fantastic weapons.

Game features:

• Download the game can be on almost any phone and enjoy the gameplay.
• Everyone can experience battles with alien creatures.
• Weapons in the game can be upgraded and strengthened by money.
• Everyone gets full game experience, as in the full version.
• Destroy aliens with friends, team up.
• The history mode allows you to explore, build and fight, this will open up new secrets of aliens.
• Battle on schedule, you can fight at a certain time.
• To win you need to join the companies.

N.O.V.A. Legacy cheats

The game has several modes, but is especially interesting for gamers PVP mode, where everyone can test their strength. On the card will get 6 players, the victory will be given to the last survivor. NOVA Legacy a lot of money will need you to defeat the enemy. In addition to buying weapons and updating the armor, money can be spent on changes in appearance. Try out a ranking mode or Death Cam for yourself to gain additional experience.

Hacked NOVA Legacy for a lot of money allows players to experience the full experience in the game. For this, it is not necessary to spend real money and violate the rules of the game. Staying within the scope of the game, you can safely spend money to buy the right equipment and weapons.

Tens of millions of users downloaded the game, and the average score on Google Play is 4.5. This indicates the quality of the game and the gameplay. To become the best and save the earth from the attacks of aliens, each player can use cheat codes for resource sets. Free pick up kits from the game store is simple enough, you just just follow the instructions and follow all the rules.

Cheat codes NOVA Legacy Hack for Android and iOS:

• 75 000 trility, code for a lot of money – RVH4-84AL0A
• 150 000 coins for free – VBMG-8XYF17


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