Meet the new driving simulator from the company DogByte Game. Off The Road, this is a 3D race on your mobile in which you can experience a variety of transport in free conditions. In addition, in the game boats and helicopters are available for traveling and exploring the area. Since you have to perform different tasks, you need to have driving skills at the highest level. Hacked Off The Road, it’s an unlocked car, a lot of money on the account and a lack of advertising. In addition to all you can use all the updates to the game.

Off-road driving

Since this genre is popular among gamers, famous companies have released their games. Off The Road for Android, this is a development from a small developer with great prospects. Hence, here everyone can experience a unique driving experience and enjoy driving on a variety of transport. In addition to beautiful graphics and realistic physics in the game, here you can perform challenging tasks and improve your skills.

Off The Road cheat

Because of the great competition in the genre of racing, optimization plays an important role. Therefore, the developers have made the game accessible to gamers with weak smartphones, while you will not see the drawbacks of graphics. A huge map on which you can freely move and even overcome water obstacles. Following the example of GTA, you will wander around the map and use any transport for traveling. And if you get bored, you can perform interesting and challenging tasks.

Game process

Starting a game you will be out of training, first of all you should get acquainted with the management. But since it is very simple, it will not be difficult. Download Off The Road mod has several modes, as well as an important part of the training. On the first job, you will learn how to navigate on a boat and get into the car. Using the touch buttons, you can conveniently adjust the speed and choose directions. Since the game has realistic physics, it will not be easy to manage the sand control.

Off The Road mod

In this case, you have to collect coins and perform tasks for a while. Each achievement is rewarded with coins, as well as access to new cars. Unblock transport can be consecutively, or using money off the road. In addition to cars in the game, boats, boats and even a helicopter are available. As a consequence, this is an opportunity to study the map in more detail, you will also be helped by navigation. Separately worth noting the schedule in the game.

Graphics and sounds

From previous games from the developer, we saw quality 2D racing, this time the company was able to jump above its head. The developers have proved that a small team can create one of the best simulators. In addition to realistic physics and graphics, the game has an excellent optimization and takes only 15 MB. Many have already noted the excellent performance of the game on older smartphones. Purchases in the game will help the company to develop, but if there is no opportunity to purchase sets, you can always use the cheat codes Off The Road.

Off The Road codes

The availability of money will allow you to unlock any car and conduct research on all the islands. The presence of a large fleet of vehicles, it is an opportunity to fulfill missions faster and better. Train your skills and discover new and beautiful locations. Earn experience, increase the level and get valuable rewards. The codes work on the Andorid, iOS device. For each platform, there are separate instructions and tips.

Cheats Off The Road Hack for Android and iOS;

• 500 000 coins for free, code – R5P_JfmUUL
• Disable ads in the game – KBA_9WTDGX


  1. By far, one of my fav game on phone, awesome graphics, great physics and a neat open world.
    Thanks for the codes, I can unlock boats and choppers now.

  2. phone, awesome graphics, great physics and a neat open world.
    Thanks for the codes, I can unlock boats and choppers now.

  3. This is my all time favourite game & I am desperate to try out all the cars and trucs as soon as possible.
    Thanks to


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