Order & Chaos 2: Atonement hack

Order & Chaos 2: Atonement is the continuation of the legendary game from Gameloft, it’s a full MMORPG for android. In this sequel you will have to explore a truly great fairy-tale world. Now the game has a large number of quests, and the plot itself has become much more interesting, although its line is not very pronounced. Everything is concentrated in your hands and you are given complete freedom of action.

First, you choose a character from 5 possible races. By the way, there are quite unusual characters in the game. In addition, your character, regardless of his race, you can pick up a profession, on which will depend on his starting characteristics and the further direction of development. And when the game has so many real players around the world, then naturally the interest in it increases several times. Cheats Order & Chaos 2: Atonement, Android and iOS.

Order & Chaos 2: Atonement mod

Secrets and Tips:

You can create your own groups, chatting in separate chats, there is also a general chat. Owners of small screens will be a little problematic with such a large set of everything is necessary for a full game. In addition to online battles, you have the opportunity to go through a huge number of quests that are really different and tighten their goals in no less than the game itself. You can download Order & Chaos 2: Atonement mod for free.

And you can pump your characters in both modes, which is quite convenient. In the game, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption of the maximum quality chart. Locations are amazing with their beauty and thoughtfulness, all the objects are detailed. Quite clearly made a change of landscapes from the sunny beach to the gloomy caves.

Order & Chaos 2: Atonement cheat


Animation of heroes and all the characters and creatures in the game is performed at a good level. Special effects from magic spells deserve special praise. The soundtrack will also please you with its quality. The truth for this quality will have to pay those who have a medium-sized device, the game will hang. A large amount of donation in the game Order & Chaos 2: The Atonement is a bit even alarming and repellent. Use dditional hacked games Flying Arrow and Seattle Pie Truck.

At the beginning of the game you have only 2 slots for character selection, and in the game you can pump 25 combinations of 5 heroes and 5 different professions. It is immediately clear that for the pumping of the next hero you will have to buy a slot for real money. Also it will be necessary to pour in a lot of money and in pumping the character himself. Well, in general, this game so far, probably the best in its genre for android.

Order & Chaos 2: Atonement codes

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption – the second part of the fantasy MMORPG, significantly expanding the world of Haradon and adding a lot of additional details to the gameplay. The game takes place 300 years after the final of the original. Here, the user has to find the stolen hammer of the creator and return it to its place.

Cheats and Hack Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Android and iOS for free:

  • A Room of Runes – hf-g309tE
  • Luxury Treasure Key Pack – jk-rg2938gfK

First you need to create your character, choosing for that race and class, which influences the style of combat. After that, the hero goes to a huge location, where you can perform various tasks and improve the skills of the protagonist. Also, he will face battles with opponents, where it is necessary to apply all available skills to achieve victory.


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