Paladins Strike was created to become one of the best shooters on mobile devices. As a result it is free to download and has been released to replicate the success of the famous Overwatch. The game has become one of the best replicas in the genre. And although the game is a clone, it has collected millions of downloads. In addition it has many interesting features about which you can read in this article. In conclusion Hack Paladins Strike, will give you a lot of money and crystals on the account for free.

About the game

The game was successful first on mobile devices, with the success of this game, the developer Hi-Rez Studios also decided to release a mobile version of the game. Mod Paladins Strike for Android, designed by style for the MOBA market. So, now the game is available for downloading for Android and iOS. The game has everything for a successful shooter. Consequently it has a lot of characters, colorful graphics, paladins and online battles. On your phone, you can run the game. Move to the fantasy world of MOBA battles and challenge other players in PvP mode. Finally, the battles take place 5v5, here you can show what you can and raise your level.

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How to play

To begin with, you need to select a character, then you can manage it, use skills in combat. First of all, in the game there are 10 players on the map, 5 on each team. Each team has a main house, a building that needs to be protected from enemy attacks. The battle map is divided and has several ways through which you can get to the right places. Thus, each team can implement its tactics. To win, you need to destroy the soldiers of the opposite team and take important goals on the map.

Hacked Paladins Strike is simple enough, you need to have an original version of the game, an internet connection, bonus codes and follow the instructions. Having received the crystals you will be able to quickly raise your level, team up with friends in the team and do not leave the enemy chances. Destroy its base to complete the battle, get the ranks of the best team and valuable rewards.

Paladins Strike for iOS has many game modes, in conclusion you can have fun. In addition to the main mode, where you will pump out your personal skills, develop in iFrame mode. The game gives the game a unique experience, opportunities for creativity and participation in battles. Collect points, defeat opponents and reach a high level.

Characters Paladins Strike will be familiar to you if you played the previous version of the game. The mobile version has a large collection of paladins that have unique skills. A new approach to the creation of a team and tactics for the battle will experience a unique experience.

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The game has excellent 3D graphics, and also bright graphics and addictive gameplay. The controls and settings are intuitive and configured for touch control. You can quickly get used to virtual buttons. Cheats Paladins Strike gives the freedom of shopping, which have donators in the game. Using codes, everyone can get a lot of money into the account.
Participate in MOBA battles, gaining experience and money, bonus codes will allow you to quickly raise your level in different modes. To use codes simply, for this purpose it is not necessary to enter personal data, or to download mod files from extraneous sites.

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