Parking Reloaded 3D hack

Parking Reloaded 3D – parking simulator for android. Your task in this game on different cars to show the skill of parking in a limited space. Throughout the game you have to go through a large number of tasks on various vehicles. In each task, your main task is to correctly, accurately and as quickly as possible, park your car in a given place. Some missions are divided into sub-levels. And often to complete the mission you will need to complete several tasks and eventually put your car in the exact location. To do this, you are given help signs – arrows, showing the right direction. First of all, use Cheat codes Parking Reloaded 3D to get unlimited cash.

After stopping at the right place, your parking attendance skill will be appreciated and you will receive your assessment. It is possible to earn as much as possible for the shown skill of 3 stars. The fewer maneuvers you perform in the parking lot. And the faster and more accurately you reach the right place, the higher your score. Also, everyone can download Parking Reloaded 3D mod apk.

Parking Reloaded 3D codes


The difficulty of passing Parking Reloaded 3D cheat is that you will have to park on the site as close as possible to the real one. Everywhere you will meet the pillars and other parked cars, so crashing into anything, you will have plenty of opportunity. But remember that the number of possible accidents in the mission is limited. And if you often crash, you can not finish the job started.

The more accurately and faster you park, the more you will earn game currency. Which between missions you can buy new cars and open new parking places. By the way, there are various types of cars in the game. From a simple car to a full-fledged cargo van or bus. And driving a car is very simple, but in maneuvers a large van or bus has its own characteristics.

Secrets and Tips:

In addition, the game is quite simple and convenient control. Fascinating and non-recurring missions will entice you for long hours. The graphic component of the game is made at a fairly high level, all the cars and objects in the parking lot are drawn very high quality. Below you can download the hacked Parking Reloaded 3D on the cards that open the police car.

Parking Reloaded 3D mod

Parking Reloaded 3D is a new and high-quality 3D parking simulator. Drive different cars, play in different locations and perform the most difficult maneuvers. The task in the game is the easiest and most familiar to all – to park the car in the right place at a given time. Naturally, this is not so easy, because on the road you will constantly interfere with neighboring cars and various objects.


  • High-quality HD 3D graphics
  • Qualitative physics of machine behavior
  • Pleasant control (accelerometer, steering wheel or arrows)
  • More than a hundred different tasks
  • Various cars
  • Customizable graphics (512 MB of RAM is recommended)

Parking Reloaded 3D cheat

Parking Reloaded 3D – Fresh super and pretty colorful 3D parking simulator. Drive different cars, play on different locations and perform the most difficult maneuvers. The goal in this toy is very simple and familiar to everyone – to park the car in a place suitable for the time specified. Accordingly, it’s not so easy to do all this, since our neighbors’ cars and objects are constantly interfering with us on the road. Also, you can download other similar game Real Driving 3D for free.

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