Pen Run hack

Download the new Pen Run game, it’s an arcade from ketchapp. The creators of Knife Hit, Fruit Master, Space Frontier 2 and other popular games. All of them are united by simple, but exciting gameplay and endless fun from the game. The game is highlighted by a unique gameplay in which you have to draw different shapes. Hacked Pen Run, it’s possible to unlock all the markers, complete the task for 3 stars and get extra points. This option is available to all players, for Android platforms, iOS.

Game process

Download the game to enjoy your time anywhere. Cheats Pen Run for Android, this is a free arcade game with fascinating gameplay and endless possibilities. Draw a variety of shapes, collect coins and open new levels and tasks. Since there is no training in the game, you are immediately thrown into battle. At the same time, the control is as simple as possible, with the help of simple movements it is necessary to follow the dotted line.

Pen Run mod

First of all, you need to learn how to control the felt pen to accurately move according to the instruction. The guide line is gray, unlock a variety of markers to be able to paint the line. The accuracy of your movements will depend on the amount of experience and money gained. In addition to the line on the table are objects that you need to go around with the help of precise movements. You can download new hacked Castle Creeps TD.

Features of the game

The fascinating gameplay with drawing pictures will appeal to both adults and children. It has bright elements, high detail and interesting tasks. Pen Run mod, it’s unlimited possibilities when passing the game. Paint details, create new pictures and increase your level. On the field are scatter elements of the designer, placed cups and other items. Following the line, you will avoid obstacles, but the movements must be accurate.

Once you hit the object, the level will be complete. To start again, you need to spend coins, watch an advertising video, or wait. Pen Run money is needed to unlock new markers, paint and features. Since each level has a new, unique task, this will diversify the gameplay and will not get bored. Collect a collection of various colors and set highscores. Completing the level of 3 stars you will receive additional rewards.

Pen Run cheat

Graphics and sounds

A light play with white paper and objects placed on it. Colorful objects have a high degree of detail, and in addition to obstacles on the table is paint and coins. Balonts with paint are energy and you can use it to get to the finish. Coins in turn, this is an opportunity to unlock new markers, paints and levels. Pen Run cheat codes for coins give free shopping and the ability to diversify the game.

Each level ends with the opening of a new picture, with an increase in your rating will be available to more complex figures. Since the game is free, there is a lot of advertising in it and paid items are available. Secret codes, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money Pen Run. Disable advertising, unlock paid markers and go up in the global ranking. Follow the prompts, follow all instructions from the guide and get even more fun from the game.

Pen Run hack, Android and iOS for free:

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