Perchang is an addictive puzzle game for android. The essence of the game is to hold small metal balls from a given place of the screen into a special pocket. For this purpose, you have everything you need: complex mechanisms, fans, barriers, boards and so on. Your task is to unravel the work of the mechanisms and to calculate the entire path of the balls, in order to start this or that mechanism at the right time, turn the fan on or off, raise or lower the barrier. At the very beginning at the level there will be simple boards, by tilting them in the right direction you can redirect the balls there. Use free Perchang hack.

After rolling a certain number of balls into the pocket, the level is considered passed. Then the complexity of the levels will increase with the appearance of new objects, devices and mechanisms. For each dropped ball, in addition to the pocket, you are awarded a temporary penalty, and time is the main game indicator. You do not need to download Perchang mod apk. Also use the hack for the game Toon Blast.

Perchang cheat

Secrets and Tips:

In the game every 5 levels are added new mechanisms, and to understand their work you have to spend a lot of time. And all the actions in the game are not instantaneous, but smooth. For example, bend the board not immediately, in your opinion, tapu, but will gently roll in the direction indicated by you.

In total, you have to overcome 60 levels, and not just pass. And so to earn gold – this is not an easy task. To earn it is necessary to pass the level for a minimum period of time. The physics in the game Perchang is quite realistic. And the passing of the levels will give you pleasure. Metal balls are subject to the law of universal gravitation and their movement directly depends on it. Elegant graphics, all elements are drawn quite clearly, every detail of complex mechanisms looks very realistic and you do not need to peer at the screen to understand its purpose.

Perchang mod

Codes Perchang Hack, Android and iOS for free:

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The absence of bright colors helps to concentrate on solving the task. Manage the mechanisms and devices in the game you have to be simple tapas on the screen. The main thing is timely and in the right place to tap, so after training. You can concentrate your attention on solving the puzzle.

To the dances of the game can be attributed the absence of donate. And there is no need for a stable Internet connection. Train your brain in the open spaces of a fascinating puzzle. If you want to download a hacked Perchang, then below there is a file with fully unlocked levels.


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