PLAYMOBIL Dinos hack

Participate in a new adventure from geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co.KG. PLAYMOBIL Dinos game in which you can travel together with your favorite characters and save dinosaurs. Use your skills and quick reaction to stop Quinn, who locks the animals in a cage and tries to steal from the park. Hacked PLAYMOBIL Dinos will help to increase the level faster, build a base where you can care for pets and improve their techniques. In this article, you will learn more about the game and find bonus codes for additional resources.

Explore the Forgotten World

After downloading the game you will move to the time of the dinosaurs, because they can not protect themselves, help them. Downloading PLAYMOBIL Dinos mod allows you to play your favorite characters, Emma, ​​Will, Nick and their pet Sammy. Go to Isla Roku and fight with Quinn, who wants to steal dinosaurs. Since it has only ground transportation, you will have an advantage. Track the thief from the air and use the skills to stop him.


A simple task to capture a thief can be an impossible task for a beginner. Since the dynamics of the game is very high, you need to skillfully manage the aircraft and at the same time collect coins, as well as booster. To equip the base, you will need solar panels, water and coins. The latter play an important role in the game, with their help you can improve any construction, improve the vehicle and use booster. Use free cheats PLAYMOBIL Dinos for Android and iOS.

Game process

First of all it’s a runner, you can navigate through the soft clouds that signify the route. PLAYMOBIL Dinos for Android has excellent graphics, beautiful animations and simple controls. You will automatically fly forward, but you need to keep an eye on the road. Avoid the obstacle in the form of mountains, trees, flying dinosaurs. In addition to this, a large number of coins, batteries and water are at the level.

PLAYMOBIL Dinos codes

Collect boosters, for each level passed the player receives a reward. To monitor the surviving and rescued dinosaurs will need coins and resources. Money PLAYMOBIL Dinos can be purchased in the gaming shop, or collect when you re-pass the tasks. To make the game not so boring, use the bonus codes and get additional resources on the account. Share achievements with friends and get pleasure from the game. Also, you can try free new free game Wild Tamer for Android and iOS.

Graphics and sounds

A colorful adventure in a forgotten world, graphics will take you to an exciting adventure. Thanks to the beautiful graphics with high detail and 3D elements, you can move into a beautiful story with an interesting adventure. PLAYMOBIL Dinos cheats only open hidden features and remove restrictions. Their use will free more dinosaurs in a short time.

PLAYMOBIL Dinos cheat

Use coins to upgrade your town, increase the number of pets. In social networks, you can share your achievements with your friends. And this trick works on different platforms, it will do just simple rules. Release dinosaurs, learn new information about them and give them the utmost care. Colorful game will be interesting to gamers of different ages, and use the bonus codes will be able to everyone, following the prompts in the instruction.

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  1. Amazing game and hack! I am happy to use this cheats, thanks so much for hack!
    Is by far my favorite mobile game of all time.


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