Is there anything better than the warm wind, the sound of the sea and the warm sun? That’s right, nothing. You can use free hack Plunder Pirates. Pirates live a life where they always have to be surrounded by this miracle, but everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. The game from the developers Angry Birds, will allow you to feel like a real thunder of the seas, to experience all the glory of victory and the sense of defeat that real pirates have.

Try to download Plunder Pirates mod apk for free and fast to unlock all items. If you like to build your own cities, islands, settlements and develop them, then by playing Plunder pirates, you will get a lot of positive impressions and spend your time with great benefit, solving riddles and thinking through tactics. Here you will not only feel like a designer island, but also be a pirate, attacking other players and plundering their territory. The map of the pirate game is huge, in it you can find besides enemies and other interesting things, from the islands and ending with sea monsters.

Plunder Pirates cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Thanks to the stolen treasures, you can pay for your movements on the ship, spending only a very small cost for expenses. Do not forget that you can also be attacked by offended and furious players, returning your jewelry back and maybe even grab a few of yours. Build your island wisely, placing beacons on it, cunning traps, strong walls, cannons and other all kinds of defenses to make it hard to loot. Use cheats Plunder Pirates for free.

Remember: rivals are smarter than you might think! In the game Plunder pirates, you need to come up with your own strategy to build a full-fledged and powerful team of pirates who will be a terrible thunderstorm of all seas and oceans. Do not forget to explore unfamiliar waters and make long voyages to open spaces, because amazing adventures and various secrets are waiting for you! Also you can try new popular hacked game My Talking Tom 2 for free.

Faster raise the pirate flag and begin to explore the neighborhood. You can find and dig a valuable chest full of treasures and money, fight with the evil and majestic sea monster. If you do not have any necessary tools, you can always buy them from the famous ship Davey Jones. Perhaps you will find that the game is quite heavy, but in part it is not. The most important thing is that you have to conduct an enemy struggle with rivals and robbery of their territories.

Plunder Pirates mod


If you come up with a clever strategy, then victories and riches will haunt you. The most important thing you need to worry about – pirates live revenge, so you need to be always on the alert, otherwise your island will be subjected to a great defeat. Below you have a unique opportunity to download the hacked Plunder Pirates, which will have a lot of money to develop your base.

Free Gems Plunder Pirates – a novelty in the genre of gaming strategies, specially created for true fans of thrill. Conquer the title of captain of the menacing pirates and become the governor on the island! Participants will have a chance to send their subordinates to fight with other pirates. It will also be necessary to steal the loot of the last mentioned, in order to pay for own accounts of this adventure. However, we must constantly be on our guard, because pirates are very fond of taking revenge on their offenders!

Plunder Pirates codes

The player will be able to investigate unknown waters, build a base on his own island and recruit the best team. Developers of a series of toys about evil birds – Rovio, tried to glory, creating a creation that gathered in its composition all the most popular game moments. There is even an opportunity to unite with friends and other players, to establish a variety of alliances or guilds.

Cheats Plunder Pirates Hack, Android and iOS:

  • A Chest of Gems – Yb-x4rd7f8n
  • MAXIMUM RESOURCES! – Uj-xr9t7g6k
  • PLATINUM OUTFIT DEAL! – Px-6chb0nlk5c

Of course, in order to build up the island, you need to acquire game resources and money, which you can buy for real money. If you do not want to put them into the game, just download the cheat codes Plunder Pirates for Android and iOS. Hacked Plunder Pirates will give its owner a lot of piasters, rubies and even rum. All this will help you build a better base, reinforced with guns, and also collect the most fun team, fortified with rum!



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