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Pocket Troops – this is a fascinating military action, in which you will be among the fearless killers. First of all you need to collect a detachment of officers. Because they face fierce battles, then they need to be trained to the maximum. Still important is the equipment. Each of the soldiers must have a weapon. And your task is to command them and do everything so that in battles they will be winners. And those who can not live without adventures play and will not regret the Ice Age.

Secrets and Tips:

Gathering the best weapons, fight with millions of other players from around the world. The first place is pumping. After all, the stronger the fighter, the greater the chances of winning the whole team. Even in your detachment should be a place where you can not only relax, but also be cured. At the end of each task, you will have to wait for the boss to be destroyed. We recommend also to download Pocket Troops mod apk for free.

Pocket Troops cheat

And to become the best commander on earth, you need to destroy all enemies. And there will be a lot of them, because you can invite friends to the game or compete with other players from around the world. On all the improvements you will need a lot of resources. And with cheats Pocket Troops for money and coins the problem will be solved once and for all.

Important features in the game:

  • A large number of players from all over the world who will be your rivals.
  • A lot of tasks, after which you can earn not a small amount of resources.
  • The ability to constantly improve the game and characters.
  • Possibility to build your military base.
  • Each soldier has his own unique characteristics, which can be constantly improved.
  • A large number of bosses with which you need to fight and win.
  • Interesting graphics and easy management.

Hacked Pocket Troops for Android and iOS, it’s an opportunity to play without limits. The codes are completely free and all the money and coins that you can get are completely real. No more settings, downloads or mods downloads. Remember that you do not need to worry about how it all turns out, you just need to enter cheats and enjoy the game process with your friends. Security is above all, in this our cheat codes come first. And those who doubt or do not know how to use them, the detailed instructions below on the site will help.

Pocket Troops free


Pocket Troops – a multi-player strategy, which proposes to lead a detachment of elite soldiers and go with them into battle. Each of them has useful combat skills, so the player will properly use the strengths of subordinates. In total, there are 6 classes of heroes and a large selection of weapons, as well as 12 exciting tasks in the plot campaign. Also here you can fight with units of other users. Excellent graphics, turn-based gameplay and cool characters will help you enjoy the game.

Pocket Troops – a game for strategists and tacticians who want to show their abilities in the conduct of war. At your disposal will be a brigade consisting of valiant warriors. Manage them to fight back the troops of the evil professor.

Pocket Troops mod

In the story you are assigned the role of commander-in-chief. And your opponent is a fool, but nevertheless, a genius professor who dreams of conquering the world, to force all people to wear all black clothes. Against this obscurantism it is necessary to speak to you at the head of a small army, while little trained, with weak discipline, but with a great desire to win.


The hacked Pocket Troops will provide you with all the conditions for creating a strong army and a powerful, well-guarded base that will serve you not only as a home, but as a center for training and entertainment for your soldiers. Participating in battles and exhausted by exercising on the simulators. Also, try new hacked game Nitro Nation for free.

And parade ground, your soldiers will improve their military skills and receive new ones. Each soldier is unique in its own way, and while in combat, it is necessary to take into account its characteristics in order to defeat the rival. A competent commander will know all the advantages and disadvantages of his soldiers in order to plan a battle pattern.

Pocket Troops codes

In the game there are purchases of military ammunition, buildings, items for the military base, the superweapon of the future and much more. Use for fashion purchases for a lot of money or earn cash by participating in combat.

Pocket Troops Hack, cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Cheat code for 60 000 Gold (money), get free in-game – PTghdbe3
  • 400 000 Coins, using cheat code, get in the game – PTnhsw28



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