Hacked game Pou is a cute aliens alien according to the words of the creators. The game is a care for this brown miracle, a kind of tamagochi. About pou will have to take care of and take care of him, since we are responsible for those who have tamed, and also because he will die. The main four needs of the hero: health, nutrition, energy and entertainment. Special indicators on the screen in time will inform the player about the needs of the pet.

To change the situation, there are several rooms in the room. You can take him to the kitchen, bathroom, playroom or bedroom. In each room there are unique items, for example, food, games, soap in the end. A careful approach to courtship and responsible care will provide the pet with growth, and the player a new level. Download Pou mod apk and use free hack

Pou mod

How to organize care for Pou to all Android users:

  • Download Pou mod apk for free. Hygiene for the pet, as for people is extremely important, the player will regularly clean the excrement of the baby and wash it, watering from the shower.
  • From which planet Poe flew, it is not known, but there, obviously, do not disdain human food, so the hero should be fed a lot and high-calorie.
  • Good in the game you can find all the necessary products.
  • Health should be maintained in advance, but if the pet can be treated with medications from the medicine cabinet.
  • Replenishment of energy comes after a good sleep, so do not forget to systematically pack a little sleep.
  • A cheerful mood depends on what he is wearing, an extensive wardrobe, available in the game will help this task.
  • And now the most important thing – the hacked version of Pou with cheat infinite money is available for downloading on our website, just below this text.
  • Download and enjoy caring for your brown friend.

Secrets and Tips:

You have long wanted to get yourself a pet, but parents do not allow or you do not have the time and place to keep it. Multifunctional tamagochi for android is implemented in the game Pou. Virtual pet Pou needs your care. Now it is always swami, in your smartphone. Give him a few minutes of love and care, and he will reciprocate you. Who is he? What a miracle? Yes, most likely it’s a living jelly-like mass, it’s exactly what it looks like. USe Cheat codes Pou for Android and iOS for free.

Pou codes

At the beginning of the game, he is still a cub, very small and weak. You have to bathe, feed him, play with him raising his level of “development.” With each new level, your pet will have new desires and needs, but you will also have access to more opportunities for taking care of Pou, such as clothes and accessories, and many others. Use hacked Pou for Coins, like in the game Zombie Diary 2.

Game process:

In the game Pou has the opportunity to conduct experiments in the laboratory with potions for your pet. And also have access to the pets of your friends. Go to them on a visit and watch how their pet grows. To purchase some items for your pet you will need game money. You can earn them by playing various mini games, which are abundant in this application. In addition to various activities for the care and education of the pet in the game, there is also a change in the interior of the room in which Pou resides.

Pou cheat

You can, for example, change the wallpaper and you will notice how your dear friend will appreciate it. Most importantly – your friend is a nice conversationalist. Tell him something, and he will instantly repeat it for you and in a very pleasant intonation. The Pou application is your trusty sweet friend always with you!

Cheat codes Pou Hack for Android and iOS:

  • 125 000 Coins Pou for free – Vpd-h2309t
  • Grey Body Color – Yun-fg3wfc
  • Unlock Adult and Baby Potion – Qnl-fh039wf


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