Live the life of a gamer from the very beginning, Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker is a gamer simulator. Since this is a time killer, you will not play all games, but you will be able to observe the development of the game sphere. If you enjoyed the classic games of the 90’s, then you will inevitably suffer from nostalgia. You can download the game for free, but there are game purchases in it. For those who do not have the opportunity to support the developer, there is a crack Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker. Let’s get acquainted with history.

Playful nostalgia

Mobile game from the company Tapps Games, this is a historic game in which everyone can see their first games. In addition, the company is known for such games as: Vlogger Go Viral, Mine Quest 2, Bid Wars and others. Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker on Android, this is a simulator in which everyone can develop together with the game world. Begin with 8 bit games and move around in the days of 3D. This exciting adventure can be experienced by everyone on your phone.

The game is available for free, you can download it for Android, iOS. Consequently, the game is waiting for restrictions and purchases, advertisements and missing money. Also in the game store are available sets of games that you can unlock for real money. You will surely be overtaken by game nostalgia, perhaps you will even want to repeat the experience. But first of all it’s a clicker, so here you can only watch the gameplay of historical games.

Press Start - Game Nostalgia Clicker Mod


Simulator of the game industry, it’s a killer of time. Therefore one finger will suffice for control. As a result, you can play anywhere without access to the Internet. Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker mod, this is an opportunity to kill time, remembering the past games. This application contains the most popular developments of different times. Since they will be opened in front of you consistently, you will need a lot of money to get to modern 3D games.

Of course you can tap with the help of helpers. Managers will perform the necessary actions instead of you and will allow to accelerate the growth of the level. During the passage, memories are repeatedly overtaken. The nostalgia of the game begins with the game Pac Man in which almost everyone played, further will be Mario, the first versions of Doom and much more. This is really a unique clicker, a game in the game. Since the game is free, the money Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker have to spend during the passage, or use the tricks.

Decoration Games

The game itself contains games from different eras, ranging from 8-bit to 3D. In this game is made in two-dimensional, retro style with colorful elements. Two-dimensional graphics, vertical position of the screen, the ability to watch several games at the same time. Codes Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker, this is an opportunity to replenish your account with coins and quickly hire managers.

Press Start - Game Nostalgia Clicker cheat codes

This way you do not have to complete tasks alone. Because of the unusual idea, the game should become interesting for many gamers. This is a kind of time capsule, where the legendary games are collected. Gather the most collection of games among friends and share achievements in social networks. This interesting adventure for lovers will plunge into the merry memories of childhood.

Codes for Hack Press Start – Game Nostalgia Clicker for Android and iOS:

• 1,000,000 coins for free (cheat code for a lot of money) – VR_QcwhmNo
• Disable advertising in the game – ER_l4fTkbe
• Unlock the paid sets – RG_fm1i5rZ



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