Incredibly addictive simulator hacked Project Parkour is designed to turn a player into a talented athlete whose dexterity knows no boundaries. The plot is based on the implementation of an ambitious scientific experiment aimed at maximizing the mobilization of the resources of the human body. The role of the experimental is assigned to a remote tracer who has remarkable skills in the field of parkour. You can download Project Parkour mod apk for free.

He is invited to overcome a lot of different obstacles – from crazy jumps and incredibly difficult climbs to dashing flights and twisted slides. Each level is thought out to the smallest detail, it requires extreme concentration and a lightning reaction. Initially, it is necessary to hone the coordination of movements, for which an introductory stage is organized. It includes the passage of a number of labyrinths with time constraints. In addition use cheats Project Parkour for free.

Project Parkour mod

Secrets and Tips:

It is important not to deviate from the course laid by color indicators, and safely reach the finish line. Successful fulfillment of all the conditions of a mission entails a transition to the next, slightly complicated, stage. In addition, each “representative” of the five obstacle course provided to the player is distinguished by a unique originality.

For example, the basic labyrinth is built on a group of homogeneous blocks and red zones, according to which it is necessary to climb. And later, they are being replaced by already multi-storey structures with a futuristic design. Management in the swift Project Parkour is tailored to the characteristics of touch displays. Changing locations made a virtual joystick located on the left of the screen. There is also a compact button giving acceleration.

In the opposite part there is a block of rotation of the angle of the camera. And also, keys for jumping and rolling. At first, guiding the game process in such a somewhat unusual way may seem difficult, but, as a rule, addiction does not keep you waiting long. The 3D graphics of the game are very picturesque. Also, use new free hacked games Helix Jump and World Conqueror 3.

Project Parkour cheat


Firt of all, obstacle zones look quite stylish, being made in matte colors with flashy shades. Potentially dangerous elements, such as poles, blocks, trampolines, bridges and panels, are painted in red, which gives the perception of a gambler more comfort. Project Parkour is free, but you should get ready for periodic advertising. However, succumbing to the adrenaline rush, an ordinary user quickly ceases to pay attention to it.

Project Parkour is an impressive first-person parkour simulation game that is very similar to Mirror’s Edge because of the graphic component and gameplay. In the story, the nameless hero participates in an experiment to explore human capabilities. To do this, he needs to overcome obstacles with the help of extreme skills. The game turned out to be very atmospheric, which was made possible thanks to the stylish graphics and thoughtful level design, which are urban landscapes and the roofs of skyscrapers.

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