Use hacked Project: SLENDER for free. But even with it help, this will not be easy. If you play for people, then moving along dark and narrow corridors you must carefully peer into the darkness to look for these pieces of paper. Be careful, their master may appear at any moment, and you are lost. Playing for Slender, you will stop people from searching for pages. You will search for the people themselves. In order to become invisible, you use the eye button and start searching for people.

As soon as you find someone, press the button and begin to take his energy. Remember that the energy of Slender is constantly extinguished, and if you have very little of it, then human players can just run away from you. Cheats Project: SLENDER game allows you to change the look of your hero.

Project: SLENDER mod

Unlock all items and resources for free:

You can find everything you need in the inside game store of masks, and you can buy everything for game currency inside. Donat in the game is not there. There are currently 2 locations in the game. And for online games 4 servers are available. The Project: SLENDER game should not be played by nervous people, therefore, children under 16 years old are not recommended to play it.

Downloading Project: SLENDER mod apk will bring you  unlimited cash. This is due to the eerie sound effects that are heard suddenly in the game. In addition, the graphic image in the game of dark tones, which together gives the effect of surprise, from which goosebumps will run over your skin. The developers did not pay enough attention to the graphic component of the game, the main task was to create an atmosphere of horror, and they definitely succeeded. Management is simple and fairly straightforward. The game is distributed free of charge and fully translated into Russian.

Project: SLENDER cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Project: SLENDER – Online – The latest part of the popular Slenderman series with cooperative. Join the terrible and terrible toy and try yourself on the role of Slender! You heard right it is now possible to play for both sides. The people side should find all eight notes, Slender does not allow them to do so. Locations in the toy are pretty monotonous, which puzzles the goal of the player in the search for notes.

If we play for Slender, we will have an extra button, such as a peephole. We are not visible by default and are looking for players. As soon as we find them, we’ll click on the button given to go out of invisibility and begin to steal the vital energy. The less energy we have, the slower we move, which will allow the player to escape. The levels in the toy are all rather confusing, and finding the present will be a problem.

Project: SLENDER codes

It should immediately be said that the game is contraindicated in children under 16 years of age, people with weak nerves and people suffering from epilepsy. This is due to the large number of sharp sounds that are heard suddenly, and eerie special effects.

Cheats Project: SLENDER Hack, Android and iOS for free:

  • Get + 500 000 premium Cash – HC-fht39g
  • Unlock 2 Items for free – Ts-fg2398

In this Project: SLENDER game you need to collect all the pages of the Slender project. You can search for yourself, or you can build a team with other players. If you do not like the appearance of your hero, then you can change it, buy the necessary in the store. You will win when all 8 sheets of Slender are in your hands and in the hands of your team. To achieve this bude difficult. Also, you can try other hacked game Golden Manager for free.


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