The official PUBG Mobile game for Android, iOS is one of the most popular shooters on mobile devices. This is a follower of the PUBG game, which quickly became popular among gamers. The transfer of the game to mobile platforms brought a new spiral of development and several million more fans. You can download the game for free all over the world, and it should be done from official websites. PUBG Mobile cheats that users are looking for most often, it’s immortality, extra money and experience. In this article, you will learn all the secrets, as well as learn how to use stratagems.

How to play

The official game takes 800 MB of free space on your device, this is essential for low-powered devices. In this case, the phone must have high configurations. PUBG Mobile for Android, this is a great opportunity to have fun. And since the battles are online, you will need access to the network. You do not have to buy a game, it’s free, but there are a lot of items.

PUBG Mobile hack

The game begins with the creation of the character, each player can use a variety of skins and buy additional equipment. Therefore, everyone can create a unique hero. The game process completely resembles the PC version, but there was a successful optimization for mobile devices. It is quite convenient to operate, it is sufficient to use the thumbs. Joystick controls and action buttons, after spending a few battles you will learn how to effectively manage the characters. The game is fairly easy to use, but you need to get involved quickly and at the same time create a strategy.

Gameplay, how to play

The plot and process of the game fully meets the progenitor. PUBG Mobile mod starts with flying on an airplane and descending onto a map using a parachute. The game begins already in the air, you can choose a place for planting, which can speed up crafting. The map in the game has dimensions of 8 by 8 kilometers, which makes it as free as possible for gamers. To survive, you need to quickly find weapons and equipment.

PUBG Mobile cheat

An important source of resources in the game are murders, by shooting an enemy you can pick up his weapons and equipment. In conclusion, we can say that the number of weapons in the mobile version is not inferior to the PC version. AKM, M4A1, Kar98 and many others are available for purchase, hacking PUBG Mobile allows you to increase the arsenal through purchases. The game currency will allow you to buy equipment, hats, pan, armor and increase your survivability. Thanks to these functions, a player can gain an advantage with donata.

Mobile version of the game gives you a lot of fun, because of the leading positions, developers are constantly working to improve the protection, cheats PUBG Mobile are constantly blocked. But using codes, you can safely and on any platform get additional resources in the form of a virtual currency.

PUBG Mobile codes

Graphics and sound

The game will please you with a beautiful design, 3D graphics impresses with quality, detail and new technologies. This allows you to get an optimized version of the game, the images are dynamic and quickly loaded. This game is considered a leader in this genre, explosion scenes, beautiful maps and clear images. Sounds help immerse yourself in history with your head. PUBG Mobile money is given freedom of purchase and gives an advantage.

On the card can fight up to 100 players, as in the PC version. This makes the game very competitive, as the card narrows with time, this provokes a clash between the players. Great success in the game can be achieved with money, powerful weapons and additional equipment. The codes work for Android, iOS devices, follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free.

PUBG Mobile hack for Android and iOS:

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