Raskulls Online, this is an online strategy that has been in beta testing for a long time already. The developer of the game Halfbrick Studios promises its release in 2018, it is already available for a closed society of gamers, so codes are available that you can use after the release.

The previous game from this company Fruit Ninja blew up the market. It was downloaded by hundreds of millions of users and developers decided to take advantage of the popularity of Clash Royale and create their own strategy. The game should cause a stir, an example of gameplay can already be seen on the Internet. The game will be available for free on Android, iOS, but the hacked Raskulls Online allow using unlimited resources and free unlocking paid sets.

About the game

Many expect an exciting game after the release of the trailer, which shows part of the gameplay. Here you will collect character cards and use weapons and skills against real players. Raskulls Online for Android, has pixel graphics with bright elements and dozens of characters. To create a powerful army and win you will need gems. The premium currency of the game is sold for real money, having unlimited resources you get a unique experience.

Raskulls Online hack

Consequently, after the beta test, the game will be available for download on Andorid, iOS. You will be able to use cheat codes for resources in the official game, having become acquainted with this kind of hacking.

Game process

The game Raskulls was available on PC many years ago and was popular. The developers decided to transfer this success to mobile platforms. Raskulls Online mod allows you to return to your favorite characters Raskulls – Dragon, Duck, Koala, Devil, Witch and others. The King of the Raskulls returns, but the evil forces do not give rest and constantly obstruct the king. You need to collect a strong team of heroes and constantly evolve to deal with problems. As a result, this experience you can use in the online game mode and destroy real players. Each fight will bring additional experience, coins and gems.

In the game you need to quickly move around the platforms and destroy the squares. To increase the power of the king, collect boosters and coins. The collected resources are used to modernize the army, the power of evil forces is constantly increasing. Be careful and attentive to complete the assignment. You will need a strategy and the correct use of weapons and skills to defeat the enemy more effectively.

Raskulls Online hack


• Favorite characters are returned and can be in your pocket for Android, iOS device.
• Company mode, here is the experience and the opportunity to develop the strength of the king.
• Dozens of characters and weapons allow you to create a unique team.
• Online mode, PvP battles will allow you to fight real players in the arena and test your strength.
• Cheats Raskulls Online for money, unlimited resources without breaking the rules and hacking.
• Easy and simple to manage the character and change their image.


The game has a bright 2D graphics, beautiful design and adorable characters. The developers created a beautiful animation with funny characters and unique skills. Probably, the game will be interesting for both adults and children. Choose your tactics and go to online fights. Characters are represented in the form of cards that turn into alive when moving to the battlefield.

Exciting gameplay with your favorite characters quickly attract attention, so the competition of the game forces the player to make purchases. As a result, using a hack codes, everyone can get a lot of money Raskulls Online. Follow the instructions and enjoy free shopping in the game.

Raskulls Online hack for Android, iOS:

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