Rival Wheels mod

Mobile games from the developer Gameloft expect millions of users. Rival Wheels, is no exception and its official exit is expected this year. The final stage of testing is already underway and you will be able to download the game to your Android, iOS device. The game will be distributed through the system free-to-play, using the hack Rival Wheels, you can get additional resources. Sets of currency are sold in the game store, they can be obtained for money, and also with the help of bonus codes.

Description of the game

The game is created by the company that released Asphalt 8 Legends, which is the leader in racing games. It’s not only the graphics of the highest level, but also the exciting gameplay of drag racing racing motorcycles. Developers constantly work on several players in parallel. Rival Wheels for Android will be available later this year. And the name of the developer is so well known that it is worth waiting for the release of such games.

Developers are known for their approach to creating games. Applications from different genres become market leaders immediately after the release. Games are free, so players are waiting for a large number of restrictions and hard donat. You want to unlock a bike, pay money, restore energy and get additional experience for virtual currency.

Rival Wheels hack

This is a new racing game for Android, iOS. In it you will drive on bikes in different locations, competing with bosses and meeting real players. In the game a large number of real models of bikes with an official license. Rival Wheels money in the game gives you free shopping, you can unlock motorcycles and upgrade for further races.

Game process

Gameloft is the leader in creating mobile racing, with the release of the game you can become a world-class rider on a two-wheeled bike. The gameplay of the game is a dynamic race in a straight line. In the game, you will be able to build a career as a rider, starting with street races and occupying the title of champion in different sectors. Rival Wheels mod allows you to compete with the strongest players. Every time your actions should be accurate, so as not to lose time and the title of the champion.

For each race you will receive money, they are needed for the most important part of the game. Modernization of equipment, installation of a new engine, wheels, and other parts. Each action in the game costs a lot of money and takes away precious energy. To develop without shopping, you need to play a lot, watch commercials and constantly collect for the next update.

The process of passage can be delayed for many months, if not use the purchase. Rival Wheels a lot of money goes to buy a new bike in the game. For virtual currency, you can become the owner of a realistic bike model, thereby realizing a dream. As the level increases, you will meet stronger opponents. Winning them brings valuable bonuses and more experience. The sum will depend on the rating of each player.

Unblock tales

In the game dozens of models of bikes from famous manufacturers, some of them are available for real money. Accumulate to buy your favorite bike is not always possible honestly, so many are trying to download the hacked Rival Wheels. Earn a lot of money in the game is quite difficult, so gamers have to get out of any way. In addition, the game has advertising, which spoils the overall experience of the game. For real money, you can unlock all the items and improve the gameplay.

Rival Wheels cheats


Downloading the game Rival Wheels you can take part in the race at different distances. Each bike has unique characteristics and overclocking indicators. You need to switch gear in time, use booster and accelerators to get to the finish line first. In the career mode, you can achieve respect in the area and become a champion. In real time, there will always be an enemy stronger than you, some use a compromised version, the latter have spent a lot of money on the game. To make them a competition, you can use cheat codes.

Graphic in the game

Games from Gameloft, this is advanced graphics, and also new opportunities in mobile gaming. To install the game you will need a powerful smartphone. You can enjoy realistic graphics, beautiful special effects and smooth animation. Turning on the sound in the headphones, you will experience excitement at the start, you do not know how many horses the enemy has.

Rival Wheels mod a lot of Cash gives you the freedom of shopping and makes you competitive. Use the instruction and get a set of resources on the account for free. This method works on Android, iOS devices and will allow you to quickly raise your level in the game and unlock paid motorcycles.

Rival Wheels hack for Android, iOS:

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