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Road Smash 2 – Love speed, and fool around on the road? Then welcome to the racing runner, where you are waiting for an endless highway, speed beyond the reasonable and lots of racing cars. Hacked Road Smash 2 for platforms on the basis of android will please all fans of the drive with high-speed races on the highway. You rush, overtaking the passing and bypassing the oncoming cars, while trying not to fly out of the side of the road and not to make an accident. They are punished in the game.

But this does not mean that you can not hooliganize. Do dangerous overtaking on the brink of a foul and beat other people’s cars under their hoods behind their car. Downlod Road Smash 2 mod apk for free. You do not have to pay a fine.

About game process:

However, all the fun can be brought down by the cops present in the game. But nothing, under your own horse for 220 horsepower, and therefore, there is a chance to come off in a crazy chase. Also, try new free hack of the game The Tribez for Android and iOS.

Road Smash 2 free

For beginners, the cheats Road Smash 2 game offers a lot of money for two initial runs with a minimum threshold of passage. It is on them that you will train, mastering the control of the car and adjusting to the game. But to become the best street-racer you will need a little later, when the main roads will be unlocked. Also in the game you will find a large car fleet of cars, from budget Foxes, to elite Ferrari. In addition, you can conduct your own tuning, using paint, stickers and molding.


  • Improved 3D graphics;
  • A large selection of racing tracks;
  • Possibility of competitions with other players;
  • A large fleet of elite cars, the possibility of upgrading for themselves.

Road Smash 2 – Dynamic racing for fans of fast adrenalin rides. Real fans who like to ride with the breeze, must necessarily sit behind the wheel of one of the sports cars and demonstrate their skills. There are a lot of tracks on which you can burn rubber for a long time.

Road Smash 2 codes

But do not delude yourself: at any time on the tail of the riders can sit the police, and the tracks are full of dangers in the form of steep turns and artful rivals who also strive to take the user’s car to the sidelines. The car park is really impressive. The driver can choose a sports car from a wide range.

Each car has unique characteristics, which can also be improved with cash won in the race. All cars have convenient handling and a bright appearance. Road Smash cheat codes – Excellent racing arcade with beautiful graphics, convenient control and dynamic gameplay. It definitely will appeal to fans of the genre and ordinary gamers.


At the present time, there are already quite a few racing arcades for gadgets with the Android operating system. But avid gamers can not but please the release of a new game Road Smash 2 from Estonian developers. This version is the second part or the continuation of the game from the Road Smash series.

Road Smash 2 cheat

The merits of the game can be safely attributed:

  • a very fascinating story, which tells the story of a lover of fast driving, which by will of fate was in the “Death Race”;
  • exciting levels of the game with a variety of modes (for example, arrivals online with familiar or casual players from anywhere in the world);
  • excellent graphics with 3D-image and quality effects, with excellent maneuverability of cars;
  • quite simple management, which allows even a beginner gamer to become a real professional of the races and even win in the “Death Race”.

Starting his first game, the player will be asked to create his character – the character from which your story will begin in the “Races”. You will be given the initial capital, due to which you will get your first car. With this particular machine you will have to spend a lot of time in the game. In the game Road Smash 2 there are three specific modes.

Secrets and Tips:

This is the so-called Free Mode, Career or Network Game. Network game you can only open after your hero is pumped to the third level. Playing in free mode, you will need to score points – only in this way you will be able to defeat your rivals. In case you are lucky, you will get a win, and if not – you will remain without anything. In the Career mode you can win due to the presence of a variety of missions and minor not too complex tasks, which have as their goal to train the gamer in his achievements. Use hack Road Smash 2 for free Gold Bars.

Road Smash 2 mod

For each level you have passed, you will receive stars, as if increasing your status. In general, all the mechanics of the game are improved in comparison with the first part. But the “chips” themselves remain the same. In any case, the player can go to the ram, perform a combo – and all this will bring additional rides to the rider. Also, passing the track behind the track, you can collect various bonuses. If your car crashes, you have the right to pay off the “golden bar” and continue the game. Whatever it was, fans of racing games, a new version of Road Smash is sure to please everyone.

Cheat codes Road Smash 2 Hack, Android and iOS:

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