Since the game BattleUnets PlayerUnknown created a fever in the genre of survival, everyone wanted to experience this experience on themselves. But because of the high demands of the game, and also the growing popularity of mobile gaming, it quickly migrated to the Android, iOS platforms. Rules Of Survival, is a mobile version of the game Rules Of Survival from the publisher of NetEase Games.

One of the first in the mobile market was the game PUBG, hence after it appeared dozens of similar games with a variety of features. Since this genre attracted new gamers, and also lured many players from another genre, tens of millions of players began to fight online. Hacked Rules Of Survival cheats are very in demand among players. In this article, you will learn the tricks and hidden features of the mobile version of the game.

 Rules Of Survival hack

Survival game for Android

First of all, the game attracts a high level of competition. Hundreds of players with the same chances to win meet in the common territory and fight for the title of the last survivor. Rules Of Survival for android, ios this is an opportunity to experience an exciting experience anywhere. Since gamers have downloaded the game more than a dozen million times, there will always be rivals. You can challenge your friends and fight against players from all over the world. At first the game was available in the Chinese market and lovers used tricks, quickly found holes in the defense.

First, cheats allowed to receive immortality, or increase the power. But serious work on protection quickly closed these holes. Despite this, users of Android, iOS can easily get a set of game currency and safely continue to play. The international version of the game caused a stir among fans of the genre of survival, thanks to the features of the game quickly became popular.

Game process

Firstly, the game is different in the number of players on the field, 120 users enter the arena. Since this number changes little experience, you are more important is the set of weapons and equipment that a player can use in the process of passing. Hack Rules Of Survival for diamonds is an opportunity to buy paid weapons and increase character characteristics.

 Rules Of Survival cheat

The game begins with a parachute flight, it is here that you take control of yourself and you can choose the landing point. The huge island of 8 to 8 has a large number of scattered objects, weapons and additional equipment. Only experience and luck will help land in a place with a powerful weapon. Quick reaction and movement on the map, this is the foundation for the beginning of the battle. From the first minute you need to be careful, since everyone is fighting against you, you need not lose your vigilance.

First of all, you need to learn to use the landscape advantage and learn how to choose a position with an advantage. All the skills in the game you will develop in the process of passing and participating in massive battles. Rules Of Survival mod has a large number of maps and vast territories on which you can realize your abilities.

How to become the last survivor

After the jump from the airplane the game begins, correctly parachuting, this is the choice of the desired point. All players start with equal conditions, with clothes and empty hands you need to quickly assemble a competitive arsenal. Since it is necessary to act as quickly as possible, there is no time for meditation in the game. Study every corner of the buildings, climb to the roofs and climb up the hill.

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Each time the points with weapons change the location of the dislocation, but the experience will allow us to quickly find weapons. Rules Of Survival cheat codes, this is an opportunity to purchase unique clothes, equipment and weapons. This gives an advantage and will improve your statistics.

The game has dozens of weapons and additional equipment, each can gain a huge arsenal while not losing speed. Killing an opponent, the player gets a chance to collect an opponent’s arsenal. This is an important source of powerful weapons, be prepared to fight for powerful equipment.

Since this is a strategic game, you need to be able to navigate tactically on the map. And choose the right locations. Every second you need to be prepared for the appearance of the enemy. Do not lose caution and follow in all directions. As in other games, the card is constantly narrowed, which provokes frequent meetings of players. For a safer move, you can use a car, it gives strategic advantage and speed. Hacked Rules Of Survival codes, this is an opportunity to acquire weapons and use it in other modes. For example, you can unite with 3 friends and fight with another team online.

 Rules Of Survival free


The game has an excellent graphics with high detail elements. Sounds will help to plunge and respond better to the approaching danger. Rules Of Survival diamonds for free play an important role in the game, they allow you to make purchases and enjoy paid weapons. After downloading the game you can enjoy colorful locations, travel through the mountains, forests, coastlines. The game gives an aesthetic pleasure and a unique battle experience that you can experience. The codes work for Android, iOS platforms. Following the instructions, everyone can get a lot of money on the account and enjoy a free game without restrictions.

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