Gameplay of the game c is a movement along the lines, like a train moving on rails. And it is necessary to switch arrows in time so that the character can collect as many crystals and glasses as possible. Only in the game, switching arrows is a transition to the inner or outer side of the circle. Which is performed by using the usual tap on the screen anywhere. Where the circles are connected you have to be careful, since this is simultaneously a transition to another circle. If you were originally inside the previous one and can also kill your character if you are inside. Naturally, with each new level the complexity of the game increases. Use hacked Running Circles for free.

Downloading Running Circles mod will improve your reaction, because the gameplay of the game is also tied up in order to have time to tap the screen to move on to the next lap or dodge enemies. After passing several levels I received a very small number of points and the same small number of diamonds.

Running Circles mod

Secrets and Tips:

It’s funny that the game itself is very heavy, despite the “normal” level of the game, and paying about 250 rubles, you can unlock the Light level. For the first time I meet such a system, where it is necessary to pay for changing the level. But it’s too hard to play on the normal, we can say that it’s more like a hellish passage. You can spend diamonds on the purchase of the appearance of your character. Also, diamonds are needed for playing with friends, as only with their help you can buy a pass. Each pass costs 50 diamonds. Also, try new Cheats, like in the games Death Moto 3 and Ultra Mike.

They can be spent on continuing the game from the place where you failed, but many times you will not do so, as each new attempt costs twice as much as the previous one. The game gives an opportunity to buy diamonds. So, for 67 rubles you can get 5000 diamonds, and given how quickly they can be spent, the price is exactly very high. The result is that the idea of ​​the game is cool and will cause the user to delay.


But having encountered more complex tasks (and they appear already very soon), you simply do not want to continue these movements along the lines. And considering how many developers want money for such a simple game, they clearly see their unwillingness to somehow make concessions to the player. Below you can download the hacked Running Circles in which you will have everything open.

Running Circles cheat

Welcome, treasure hunters and adventurers. If this is your first time on our site, it means that you are looking for cheats for Running Circles. And you found it! Although the game Running Circles – this is a fairly new game, still have been created various hacks of her. We checked some of them … Unfortunately, most of them do not even work. Only one of them began to add resources, but, unfortunately, our account was banned.

We decided to take responsibility and came up with a completely working and undetectable hack on Running Circles! Since the interest in the game is huge, we decided to give it away for free! Now a few words about hacking Running Circles. Our hack can easily generate an infinite amount of resources in the game. This cheat works with devices on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. This is quite important, because if you change your device, you can continue to use the Running Circles hack.

Cheats and Hack Running Circles, Android and iOS, free:

  • Easy Mode – Q-498gh3e
  • Unlock All – T-2vf8gh09
  • Big Coins Pack – K-j398gh
  • Medium Retry Pack – U-g2h39gb


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