In the mobile games market a lot of action, Shadow Battle 2.2 is one of the brightest representatives of this genre. The game is a follower of the popular Shadow Fight 2, which gamers have downloaded tens of millions of times. First of all, these are shadow fights, a real action in which anyone can take part. You can download the game for free on Android, iOS. Since the game quickly attracted attention in it, you will see a lot of advertising and hidden purchases. Hacked Shadow Battle 2.2 is available for Android owners without downloading mod files. This is the easiest way to get resources in the game without breaking the rules. Let’s get acquainted with this game.

Battles of shadows, history

As the game was released by a well-known company OneSoft Global PTE. LTD, as a gameplay there is no doubt about it. As of today, the market is saturated with action games and surprise users is quite difficult. Therefore, the company combines several genres, releasing mixed games. Shadow Battle 2.2 for Android has a number of features that you should know about. Firstly, this is an updated version of the game, which was preceded by Shadow Battle 2.1. The second part is a thorough renovation of the shadow battles.

Shadow Battle 2.2 cheat

Gamers left tens of thousands of reviews and on average rated the game in 4.4.
The game gained popularity soon after the launch, first thanks to a dynamic battle and the ability to fight other players. Great attention was paid to the developer’s updates to the hero and the possibilities for creating unique images and combined attacks. Endless participation in battles, action fights and constant improvements. The dark universe hides many secrets from powerful opponents, in addition to this there are game purchases and restrictions.


The game will move you into the dark world captured by the forces of darkness. To survive, you have to take challenges and win in every fight. By earning money and experience you will be able to update your skills and learn new strokes. But to win is not enough to have skills, a lot of money Shadow Battle 2.2 and the crystals goes to buy new weapons. As a result, many are looking for where to download the hacked version of the game, or the mod, without knowing about the existence of bonus codes.

Shadow Battle 2.2 codes

Since many players say that the game is pathetic plagiarism, we will tell you about important features. Firstly, the game is available to a variety of characters, each of them has unique skills. Secondly, you can travel to locations, opening up new places and meeting a variety of opponents. The game thus has a high level of combat dynamics and a simple control system.

Graphics and sounds

As for graphics, it’s hard to call it unique, or colorful. The fighters in the game are depicted in the form of shadows, with luminous hieroglyphs. Simplicity of graphics allows you to run the game on the simplest smartphones. Shadow Battle 2.2 mod takes up little space on the phone and consumes quite a few resources. There is also a choice of characters from six different classes. Each of the characters has special and unique skills. Proper use of abilities, will bring a quick victory over the warriors of bloodthirsty shadows.

Shadow Battle 2.2 hack

Since the number of bonus points received in the game is minimal, you will have to make purchases, or use Shadow Battle 2.2 codes for money. This gives an opportunity to unlock new characters and receive additional resources. Of course, this is an interesting experience for fans of this genre, and having access to unlimited resources you can receive from the game even more fun.

Shadow Battle 2.2 hack for Android and iOS:

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