With the release of the game Shadow Battle Royale, fans of action battles can experience a new experience. This is a multiplayer survival game, choose a hero, weapons and challenge 20 players in the arena. Victory will get only one, he also get more experience and money. Hacked Shadow Battle Royale for coins gives you the freedom to buy, you can unlock paid weapons and fun skins. In this article, you will learn about the simplest way to use codes, but first learn more about the game.

About the game

Choose a hero from the list of funny characters and go into battle. Top view, weapons in hand and around enemies. Drive on the green arena and engage in fights, each character has unique skills. Shadow Battle Royale for Android, constantly updated and added skins.

Shadow Battle Royale hack

Each of them has special skills, which makes the outcome of the battle unpredictable.
Every time you need to survive, destroying the other opponents. You can choose one of ten strategies, it will depend on the choice of character. Each of the characters has special skills that will help in a difficult situation. Using coins, test each character and learn his skills. This knowledge will be useful for playing and choosing tactics to fight with that or other enemy.

Multi-player battles

The game begins with the choice of name and character, you can not acquire a powerful character without having money on the account. Download Shadow Battle Royale mod for money will replenish the account with coins and you can quickly open all the characters. The game has a dynamic gameplay with endless fights, navigate the map with the help of the touchpad. The buttons on the screen are responsible for changing weapons, recharging, or using additional skills.

In each battle can participate up to 20 players, the actions are deployed very quickly and in the finals there are the strongest. But the power does not always win, the correctly chosen strategy will help to reverse the course of the battle. Keep track of the health indicators of the opponent and your character and at the right time, use the characteristics of your character. Between fights, you can change the character and try new tactics in the next game.

Design and sounds

A simple game has combined graphics, two-dimensional graphics with 3D elements. This adds volume to the subjects and in turn saves the resources of the phone. Thus, the game takes only 86Mb for Android.

Shadow Battle Royale cheat

Shadow Battle Royale money in the game needed to unlock new characters. All of them act as black men with different equipment and style of design.
Cowboy, Bad Face, Marine, Horned and others.

Each of them has unique abilities, they are activated by a special button. Avatars are very funny and for them you can learn the skills of the enemy. Weapons play a key role in the choice of strategy, each of them requires a special approach. The developers promise to frequently update the game and add new skins. Using cheat codes Shadow Battle Royale, everyone can replenish the account with money and chicken for free.

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