Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a unique and anticipated shooter for gamers from around the world. Virtual FPS shooter has an attractive battle with fast gameplay, which is so attracted by gamers around the world. The game allows you to feel yourself in real fights, so intense are the battles. The game is available for downloading for Android, iOS, takes about 1.5 GB and has an average rating on Google Play 4.6. In this article, we’ll look at the game features and opportunities to get Shadowgun Legends hack.

About the game

Interesting games are battles, these are endless battles with real players. The game was successful the day after the release. In it you will act as a warrior / mercenary. You will use your skills for the benefit of saving the Earth from aliens. This plot is far from new, but this development is distinguished by attractive graphics and large scales.


The cards in the game are extensive, the battles are dynamic and at the same time everyone can create a unique character. A fighter will have skills and use weapons that you can buy him.


Shadowgun Legends codes, allow the player to get money and sets from the game store. Receiving unlimited resources, a player can customize his character, purchase paid equipment and weapons. skills are needed for the player to fight online, as well as passing single tasks.

The plot of the game and the gameplay

Shadowgun Legends for Android moves the player into the future, aliens have invaded the world of people. Take your weapons and join the ranks of the insurgents to protect the Earth and bring peace. To win, you need to destroy the enemy in different points of the universes, prepare for a long journey. Each month, developers add new sites, weapons. Using codes, a player can freely buy all updates.


In the game you can use different classes of characters to fight. Use the money to create heroes and use their skills to defeat a variety of enemies. To select you will be available to 50 skills, it allows everyone to create a character with unique characteristics.

Shadowgun Legends hack

To use tricks, you do not need to download mod files from extraneous sites, get root, jailbreak rights, or enter personal data. Follow the tips in the instructions and get a lot of money and paid sets from the game set.

  • Award of the alien hunter – OWRB7MY1_SL921
  • War Game Champion’s Strike – CNPX4N01_SL326
  • Hero’s Chest – ILP2781Y_SL853
  • Set of the galactic conqueror – 9KYHZ1QQ_SL976
  • Star Award – WKLTNHT9_SL257
  • Legendary treasures – ERTVAKV9_SL775

The game Shadowgun Legends really impressive and worth the attention of all fans of this genre. Beautiful graphics and great requirements does not allow you to download it to an old smartphone. The game is a worthy competition for games of this genre, such as CF Mobile or CrossFire. This is a super FPS with a lot of features, modes, skills and weapons. HDR graphics makes the game experience unique and most realistic.


The game has millions of downloads and an average score of 4.6 on Google Play. This indicates the quality and capabilities that gamer gives to the game. The plot will allow you to plunge into the process, and you immerse yourself in first person fights and infiltrate dynamic fights. Fight from the first person, use cheat codes and get a lot of money on the account. This will allow you to buy any items and quickly evolve into RPG parts of the game.

Download Shadowgun Legends mod Google Play



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