Shark Simulator hack

Shark Simulator, this is a new game from the company Candy Mobile. The creators of the bestselling Helicopter attack 3D and West Gunfighter decided to release their own Hungry Shark Evolution. This arcade has a number of features that will allow you to spend interesting time and enjoy the gameplay. In the game are available dozens of sharks to choose from, as well as a variety of underwater animals. Hacked Shark Simulator on coins and gems is the ability to unlock sharks and gain an advantage when passing.

About the game

Download Shark Simulator mod for free and get a new experience of traveling in the sea. Here you can explore a new underwater world from a third party. Watch the shark from behind, using the touch buttons to move around in 3D space. Since you will start a small shark, not every inhabitant will be able to die. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the management and try to make the first moves.

Shark Simulator mod

Use the touchpad to select directions and go hunting. In addition, the screen contains the button for acceleration and attack. Use them at the right time and always follow the health indicator. If life ends, it’s better to fight with a too big opponent. To continue the passage from the place of death, you will need to spend precious stones. They can be saved by using bonus codes. Use cheats Shark Simulator and get unlimited cash.

Game process

Travel around the lost ocean in search of food. In addition to an indifferent journey, you have to carry out assignments. Shark Simulator for Android has dozens of interesting levels and tasks. Carefully get acquainted with the mission, it can be hunting for certain types of fish, or playing for a while. First of all it’s an arcade, so the tasks here are linear. But despite this, the game has beautiful graphics and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Each job will bring experience and coins. Money Shark Simulator is needed to buy new sharks, as well as to increase skills. Strength, attack, health and other indicators can be improved. First of all, this increases the chances of survival. It also increases opportunities, you will be able to hunt large fish and even representatives of the lost ocean. An interesting adventure will appeal to adults and children. The game gives an opportunity to spend time in any place.

Shark Simulator cheat

Graphics and sounds

Dozens of realistic sharks, hundreds of representatives of marine life. The game Shark Simulator gives an extensive experience of traveling across the ocean. Explore the sea and meet with extinct representatives. In addition to you in the ocean there are many other, more powerful sharks and fish. Be careful and walk away from the attack in order to survive. The game has beautiful 3D graphics with colorful elements. Collect coins to unlock more powerful sharks for travel.

You can play for free using cheat codes Shark Simulator you can quickly unlock new views. Study the seabed, there are many dangers. Be merciless, but at the same time soberly count on your opportunities. Satisfy your instincts and challenge sea monsters. Interesting tasks will not let you get bored, and the presence of gems will allow you to get additional resources into your account. You can download new free hacked games Beach Buggy Racing for free.

Cheat codes Shark Simulator hack, Android and iOS:

  • 150 000 coins, free of charge – 0N6Z_IZX4 # 0W
  • Code for 7,650 gems – 230X_EMS8 # DR


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