Shooty Skies hack

Free Shooty Skies is a fun game from the developers of Crossy Road, and finally they presented a new pixel arcade for android. Unlike similar games you have to move to the sky, your characters will have wings and fight with the enemy in the air. Indeed, this approach in the game puts it much higher than its counterparts and brings a twist to the gameplay. The number of missions in the game also hits them not just a lot, but a lot, so the game seems endless.

A variety of levels will distract you from an endless struggle with opponents. Also, developers changed the appearance of enemies. Now you will be confronted with funny teddy bears and the most genuine good-natured Christmas rabbits. Remember, they only create a kind of holiday, in fact they are ready to tear the first counter on their way. But to you who is not terrible, you are the most powerful winged pixel hero. You need to show all your agility and attentiveness in managing your hero, so it is a real flying machine.

Shooty Skies codes

Secrets, Tips:

Download Shooty Skies mod apk, there are quite a lot of characters on your choice, which you can seat in the cockpit of your flying machine, combining them into a single whole. Maneuver to the location avoiding collision with the enemy. And also shoot at the enemy, trying to destroy all the evil in this fantastic world. At the end of each level, you will certainly meet with his barefoot. Therefore, upgrade your aircraft from level to level.

In the game, very colorful characters and their enemies, as well as quite a variety of landscapes, as far as pixel graphics make it possible. A variety of locations, performed in block graphics, nostalgic for the past century. A cheerful musical accompaniment will add moods and embellish the game process, as well as enjoy a very simple and understandable even to the child management.

Shooty Skies mod

Gameplay, overview:

The rating table of records, which allows not only to improve its result, but also in the presence of the Internet to compete with friends, will also be interesting. In the game there is donat, but if you want to play it is possible without external injections. You can also turn off the Internet and get rid of annoying ads. Good luck in the fantasy world. Below you can download the hacked Shooty Skies for android, where there will be a lot of money and everything is unlocked.

Shooty Skies cheat codes – a classic arcade shooter, in which you need to sit at the helm of the aircraft and engage in shooting enemies. The game resembles vertical shooters with a lot of opponents, but there are also their own characteristics. The main character is not some brave pilot, but a hare. Confront it will not be a huge number of military equipment, but television sets, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. It makes it all a hell of a lot of fun. It complements this splendor of beautiful pixel graphics and memorable bosses.

Shooty Skies cheat

Cheats for Hack Shooty Skies, Android and iOS, free:

  • Unlock Crossy Chicken – Iftb23fw
  • Flying Start Pack – O3hwf9
  • Unlock Sir Oinks-A-Lot – La3hrw09
  • Unlock Fish Tank – Q4h30wg9
  • Winter Christmasland Pack – Us3hw9f
  • Unlock Infotainer – Y3w9f0
  • Sales Friday Pack – Wch39wf
  • Unlock Fuzzy Bunny – K3g98f
  • Munchiness Pack – Xr0gw9
  • Unlock Meow Z – Fd2g98qwf



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