Free Ski Safari game – an endless runner on the snow-covered slopes of the mountains. A game that can make many leave their businesses and completely immerse themselves in the game world. And it all began with a young hero peacefully sleeping in his house on a mountain slope. He could not even think that in a few moments he would rush headlong to escape the oncoming avalanche. Fortunate that the hero has skis, with them it will be much easier.

To dodge from the snow flow, which overtakes the hero, will have to sweat pretty. Fortunately, that on the way there are various bonuses and adaptations. So, interacting with the penguins, the fugitive begins to glide better, if you pick up the snowman Yeti, then the speed of the run will increase, and the eagles will raise his air altogether. Here you can find a snowmobile and other interesting things. In addition, the player can get valuable advice from the game characters. Download free Ski safari mod apk, like in the game Left to Survive.

Ski Safari cheat

How to hack Ski safari:

Below is a hacked version of a skies safari with a lot of cheat cheating. Why do we need such a mod? Well, of course, to expand the capabilities of the player, to simplify the game and for additional adrenaline. And its in the game more than enough.

The overall impression of the game is definitely positive. Graphics makes you spend days sitting around with a gadget in your hands, paying no attention to anything. The physics of jumping, taking off, crazy turns will silence all critics. The game, only with GooglePlay, installed about one hundred thousand users, and this figure continues to inexorably grow. There is nothing to be surprised at here, you need to take and install the game on your device. The full version of the game will have to taste all age categories, regardless of their preferences. The runners unite people.

Ski Safari codes


Ski Safari Cheat codes is a classic endless runner on android. According to the plot, the protagonist just slept in his quiet and cozy house, as a huge avalanche carried him along with the bed to the street, thus giving a chance to escape. But the boy is not easy, and it turned out that he was ready for the elements and managed to wear ski boots.

In any way, the character can not be controlled, and he continually rushes down the slopes. All you can do is jump, avoiding all sorts of obstacles. These often are huge cobblestones that can knock a guy off his feet. There was a ski Safari without pet-assistants. So, riding a yeti, you can significantly increase the speed and quickly break away from the impending danger. In addition to a snowman, you can ride a penguin, a deer, a mountain eagle and many other animals.

Secrets and Tips:

There are several levels in the game, but you can open them only for in-game currency earned for long races. The more distance the protagonist overcomes, the more bonuses will be added at the end of the level. In addition to the stages, you can buy various accelerators, ala rockets and comets, as well as skins for the character and its attributes.

Ski Safari mod

Graphics as a whole are quite good. It’s safe to say that the developers paid special attention to the details, so each level is original in its own way and does not look like others. In general, hacked Ski Safari – a great arcade game, which will pass an hour or two in a crazy race for survival.

Cheat codes Ski safari Hack for free, Android and iOS:

  • Double Score and Lives – To-fhr309w
  • Unlock + 790 000 Cash – Rc-fh3209t
  • No Ads – Wn-fh309cd


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