Most fans of mobile games know the developer Ketchapp, he creates simple but exciting games. Sky Ball is a new arcade from this company that has the same simple gameplay, but you will play long enough. Run this game, I want to continue the experience again and again. You can download it for free for Android, iOS, it takes only 38 MB, but can lift your mood. Having a couple of free minutes, you can start the game and try to beat the old record. The hacked Sky Ball will allow you to disable advertising in the game, but first get to know the game itself.

About the game

You can download Sky Ball on Google Play, or the Apple Store, it’s simple and will work on any smartphone. The game simulates a volumetric space with many platforms. You will control the ball, fall down, get on the platform and collect precious stones. In the game you can not win, the gameplay is infinite, but each time you will fight for the best result. The game captures attention, every time you want to repeat the experience and improve the previous indicators. Falling into the abyss you will experience constant tension, it is very important to choose the right direction.

Sky Ball hack

Travel to the depth of space

Sky Ball mod has a simple task, you need to go down as low as possible, gaining the maximum number of points. You will move around in space and to get extra points, you need to collect diamonds. They will allow you to recover from the fall, which gives you some immortality and an opportunity to get further than your friends. Do not let the ball fall, the path will be difficult and tortuous and to win you just choose the right direction for a further fall.

How to manage the game

Management in the game is as simple as the game itself. You need to touch the screen to move, while there is a choice to fly to the right, or to the left. To learn to manage, you need a couple of minutes, it’s very simple, but the deeper you fall, the more difficult it will be to do. This is a great way to have fun, endless balls will allow you to set new records for Sky Ball. It will be interesting for both adults and children, cheat codes allow you to relieve stress and get more pleasure from the game.

Disable ads in the game

All Ketchapp games are free, developers monetize it through advertising. Therefore, the popular game of this developer Car vs Cops is also free. To disable it you need to spend 3 dollars, or play without the Internet. Use the hacked Sky Ball to get diamonds and disable ads using codes. This will allow you to enjoy the game with the connected Internet and significantly improve the performance.

Sky Ball cheat codes

Graphics and sounds in the game

Simplicity of the game you will see immediately after downloading, here 2D graphics with simple, but very clear elements. A feature of this game can be called sounds, they are very voluminous and significantly improve the game experience. This simple game will give you even more fun using cheat codes to get diamonds and increase your records.

Sky Ball hack

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• 9,000 diamonds for free (endless balls) – q5_x4x9yii


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