Sky Whale is an interesting and unusual game about a whale that can fly. And he does not know how to swim, and you will have to control him so that he does not sink. But if you find him a diving suit, then this unique whale will be able to swim. The essence of the game is simple, namely it is necessary to help Narwhal to fly as far as possible and higher. Your helpers will be clouds and donuts of various shapes. Another fascinating simulator will teach you how to fish for your own pleasure, this is Cyber ​​Hunter. Also, you can download Sky Whale mod apk for free.

Tips and Secrets of the game:

The more donuts the whaler eats, the fatter it will be, but oddly enough it only adds to his strength to soar through the clouds. If you earn the right amount of money, you can buy a diving suit for your character, and then you can swim like a real fish. A huge amount of money will only help you with this. The graphics in the game is very rich and gives even more realistic perception of the game.

Sky Whale cheat

Over time, you can buy other improvements to the game, such as a rocket or a spacecraft, with which you can go to outer space. Remember, the more donuts you eat, the farther you go, which means that new records can be set and shared with friends. With Sky Whale cheats for money, you get all the features and improvements in the game, for free.

Interesting facts about the game:

  • Beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay.
  • Ability to make combos and get even more bonuses in the game.
  • Many costumes and other accessories that you can buy.
  • There are no rivals and obstacles, just fly as far as possible.
  • It is possible to visit other dimensions, for example, go to outer space.
  • Each new flight will be more difficult, just need to constantly collect and eat donuts.

Sky Whale mod

Hacked Sky Whale for Android and iOS, will allow you not to worry and buy everything you want in the game for free. There is also no need to download settings. Cheats for money is a good way to get all the improvements at once. First of all, all codes are as safe as possible for all your devices and you don’t need to worry about them anymore. And personal data and real money are no longer needed in the game. Using them is very simple, so no need to wait, it’s better to start the game right away.


Sky Whale hack is a flying arcade game in the literal sense of the word by Nickelodeon. Here we will try to launch narwhal as high as possible into the sky, and preferably into space. Donuts give him a short-term ability to fly, and other equally strange objects floating in his path. A successful crash will allow you to unlock new bonuses, the combined combo of which will give the main character unique opportunities.

Sky Whale codes

Sky Whale – an amusing arcade, runner with bright graphics. Studio Nickelodeon is known for its children’s arcades, most of which are based on the ideas of popular cartoons, be it Ninja Turtles or Sponge Bob. In this funny game you will manage narwhal (a huge fish with tusks). Your task is to keep him in flight as long as possible – for this you need to collect donuts, stars and many different bonuses. Opening new abilities you will be able to fly further, and new costumes will allow you to see those places that were previously inaccessible. In a word – a good game for a pleasant stay, which is suitable for most players. In addition,werecommend to use new hacked game Default Dan for free.

Cheat Codes Sky Whale Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Get 300 000 money in the game, you can use the cheat code – K7yt654rr3


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