Smash Hit hack

Smash Hit hack is a game in which thinking is indispensable. From the very beginning of the game you will have balls, but their number is not large, only 25 pieces. And you need a lot more to crush everything in your path. Your journey will be in another dimension, and you will be guided and controlled by a simple ball. There are no heroes or characters here. Only glass and you with your ball. Those players that like action games just need to play Merge Balls, and you will be delighted.

Secrets and Tips:

You can download Smash Hit mod for free. At first glance, control in the game is very simple and there is nothing difficult. But it is not. After all, you need to destroy the glass that surrounds you. You cannot choose the speed, the application decides for itself when it needs to be increased, and when to subtract. You will not have a second chance if you miss. Therefore, you need to be as accurate and attentive as possible. How such a win is not in the game.

Smash Hit codes

Your task is to break as many glasses as possible, while the number of balls is limited. If you yourself encounter an obstacle, you will instantly lose ten balls. When you lose, you need to start all over again. Since you can share your achievements with friends, then why not continue the game until you get tired of it. With our cheats Smash Hit on the balls, you can play until you decide to stop. After all, now you will have a huge number of balls and all the obstacles are no longer terrible.

Interesting features of the game:

  • Simple graphics and not very easy control.
  • You need to connect your thinking as much as possible in order to understand what you are capable of.
  • A limited number of balls.
  • The game delays for a long time and you can not stop.

Hacked Smash Hit for Android and iOS, this is a unique opportunity to play not only as much as the gameplay allows, but as much as you want. Now, no fashion is tedious. All you need is to see detailed information on our website. All codes can be used more than once. Security is guaranteed, and the protection of your personal data and real money as well. Simply nothing can be. Just enter the codes and enjoy the game.

Smash Hit mod


Smash Hit cheat codes – an exciting timekiller from the surrealistic world. Go to fifty dimensions, where you are waiting for important tasks. Your task is to break all the glass figures at the level of the balls. The process seems easy at first, but it becomes more complicated with each level, because the number of swords or attempts you have is limited, and the pace of the game itself speeds up. A hacked version of smash hit premium with endless balls will help you get through all the levels the first time, without repeating them many times. The full version includes 50 levels that open as you progress. Total used 11 different themes for registration. In order to adequately pass the game you will need to focus and show increased attention. Music and sound effects will help to concentrate on the gameplay.

Curb the balls to break as many glass objects as possible. The magnificent physics of motion and spectacular destruction of fragile objects fascinate and draw into the game. This futuristic arcade is incredibly demanding and is a real timekiller when you sit in it for a minute to drive balls, and as a result you drop out of reality for an hour or more. The game has several difficulties during the passage, so after you have passed the easy level, try your hand at a difficult mode and show the wonders of dexterity and composure.

Unlock all items for free:

Free Smash Hit is an interesting and addictive arcade game on android. The action takes place in a fantastic space, filled with various glassy figures. The application provides a first-person view. The graphics are extremely minimal, but everything looks neat and atmospheric. In fact, the basis for your survival are metal balls. In case their supply is exhausted, the game itself ends. You fly through the futuristic space under the pleasant electronic music, without being able to move in one direction or another.

Smash Hit cheat

On your way you will meet all sorts of obstacles that need to be destroyed with the help of a ball throw. Some of them are still standing in front of you, others jump out abruptly, others still rotate or move, forcing you to quickly make a decision whether it is worth spending a precious shell if the obstacle may not hurt the gamer. In addition, from time to time it is necessary to open special gates, which is carried out with an accurate throw into the switch. A collision with any vitreous figure or door will result in the loss of ten balls.

Smash Hit Hack, Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to get 100,000 balls in the game, for free – SH7ur39i
  • free Smash Hit Premium – SH6hg32i

In Smash Hit, the restocking of balls occurs due to falling into special crystals. There are special bonuses (time dilation, fan throw balls) that you can get by hitting the appropriate icon. Control points are scattered throughout the game world, but you can only return to them in the Premium version, which, in addition, adds new modes to the application. Summing up, it is worth noting that Smash Hit is a quality and original project, for which no significant flaws were noticed.



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