Smashing Soccer Flick mod

The game Smashing Soccer Flick, is a new, sporting simulator for football fans. The unique gameplay and the ability to fight friends is a wonderful way to have fun. The game is from the creators of Mutant Fighting Cup 2 and Angry Gran Run. Sports game to score penalties, you will roll, you also need at the right time to make an accurate strike. Download it for free on Android, iOS, hack Smashing Soccer Flick will allow you to play without advertising.

Sports simulator

Only the gate and you, hit the moving ball and score goals. The game offers an initial score of the game, and with accurate shots you can change the score. Beat on goal avoiding obstacles in the form of a goalkeeper and defenders to become a champion. Mod Smashing Soccer Flick for Android has several modes. As a result, you can play without the Internet, while challenging the strongest teams.

Smashing Soccer Flick hack

Accuracy of impact, this is an important indicator in the game. To become the best player, you will have to look for small gaps in the defense of an opponent to score a goal. Each goal is important, get ready for the strike before the ball has appeared. Lead your team to the list of champions and earn valuable trophies. The game has an excellent gameplay in which you can play for a very long time. And to download the game, 21 MB of free disk space is enough.

Game process

The gameplay in the game is simple and complex at the same time. To win, it’s enough to fuck around the screen. But to do it accurately, you need to do a lot of training. Smashing Soccer Flick mod allows you to participate in tournaments and leagues, but before that select your favorite team. The game features 50 teams, in the game you will find your country, or you can play for your favorite team.

In order not to hit the face in the mud, constantly train and develop skills. With each level, the difficulty grows, new obstacles appear, and the ball moves too fast. To score, you need to bypass all opponents and get into the net. Wear boots and fight, show what you are capable of. Achievements can be shared with friends on social networks. Rival with them, in the future will be available online mode.


Bright game has vertical graphics, colorful elements are not too high quality. But this is the advantage of a simple arcade, because everyone can download the game to your smartphone. All elements of the game are easy to distinguish, the red indicator warns of the appearance of the ball. You just need to hold your finger to chart the trajectory, but you need to hit the ball exactly. Cheats Smashing Soccer Flick disable advertising allow on any device, this will make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Smashing Soccer Flick cheat

All elements of the game are free to bring the team to the leaders, you need to develop your skills. The game has the largest countries to choose from and the most valuable teams: Brazil, England, Portugal, Russia, Canada and others.

Play simply and interestingly, because hacked Smashing Soccer Flick can download everyone for free. To become a champion and win the tournament, you need to have the skills of an accurate striker with accurate and strong punches.

Cheat codes Smashing Soccer Flick for Android and iOS:

• Disable advertising in the game – 9a_PfSlfpZ
• Unlock all items and resources – 9a_EuKyWrf


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